Tekken 6 TGS 08 Developer Interview

GAMETRAILERS has put up an exclusive interview from TGS 08 with the developers of Tekken 6.  They ask questions regarding the Xbox 360 release, the upcoming Bloodline Rebellion, and much more.  Check out the interview by following the link below.

Katsuhiro Harada, Executive Creative Producer of Tekken 6

Yuichi Yonemori, Director of Tekken 6

Takahiro Noda, Lead Game Designer of Tekken 6

Game Trailers: Now when you guys first announced this game many years ago, for the PLAYSTATION 3, would you have ever dreamed that we’d be sitting here now talking about an Xbox 360 version, are you surprised that the tide has sort of turned and that the 360 is sort of the more viable platform at this point?

Katsuhiro Harada: Back when we first announced the game for the PS3 we had no idea or plans at that time for a 360 version.  Its all about the timing during the development cycle we really realized that the 360 was strong abroad and we had a lot of requests from fans to bring the series to that platform.  So its not something we had planned at all, we’re pretty excited about this opportunity…

GT: You guys tend to, when you make games for both platforms, give something exclusive to each one.  Any plans of having exclusive characters in each version?

Yuichi Yonemori: Nothing is currently decided regarding that.

GT: With the Xbox, obviously you have Xbox Live which is probably the most popular online gaming service in the world, certainly much more robust than the PlayStation Network that you got on the PLAYSTATION 3, was that another consideration when you guys decided to bring the game to the 360, that it had a better online offerring?

Takahiro Noda: Of course that was one of the factors in the decision.  Tekken is a versus fighting game so of course you have to have the environment to be able to fight players who are farther away from your home over the internet.  And Since Xbox Live is a viable platform for this, it made it a very good choice.

GT: Will you be able to release the two versions the same day in both territories and if so, would you say its been much easier to get the game finished on the 360 than it has been on the PLAYSTATION 3?

KH: Well actually, the PS3 and 360 version are gonna be released the same day.  But regarding our release schedules for US and Europe its not really decided yet so we can’t comment on it at this point.  Regarding your question about the 360 development, its not really easy at all.  We developed the game for the PLAYSTATION 3 architecture and we took advantage of a lot of those features so its going to be quite difficult to port to the 360, we think.  However we’re not even close to finished yet so thats something we have to finish the game to comment on.

GT: Why is it taking so long for this game to be released? I remember when they first showed the PLAYSTATION 3 in America many years ago, Tekken was one of the first games that they showed, yet we still haven’t had the game released yet for PS3.  Was the PS3 version delayed so you can catch up with the Xbox 360 version, how did that work out?

KH: Of course that wasn’t really a factor in the schedule.  Originally we created Tekken 6 in the arcade for PS3 based architecture board.  And after we released Tekken 6 in the arcade we got a lot of user feedback.  A lot of things they wanted, they wanted more new characters, more customizable options on parts and what not, and we hadn’t really taken full advantage of the power of the board as well.  Being based on the PS3 this also translates to the home version.  So it was decided to go and make Bloodline Rebellion for the arcade and update the arcade franchise.  And we were able to add new characters, we added a lot of features.  Improved the graphics.  We were able to do a lot of things we initially wanted to do in this kind of expansion for the arcade.  And of course this also is all going to be brought to the home version as well.  So it’s not like we delayed the schedule to catch up with the Xbox, it was to make the game more solid and to kind of please fans and answer their requests for 6.  So its not like we delayed the game to catch up with the 360.

GT: What kind of improvements can we expect from the console version over the arcade version, if any?

YY: We can’t really comment on what we have planned for the home version yet.  However we can say that its going to be on a much larger scale than anything we’ve done before for the home versions.  One other thing we really wanted to focus on is to add some new way of playing online as opposed to just standard versus.  So thats some of the things we’re thinking about for the home version.

GT: What have you guys learned from watching successes and failures of all of the fighting games that have come before Tekken this generation…  Soulcalibur, Street Fighter IV, what have you really learned from their mistakes over the last couple of years thats going to help you guys make Tekken a better game?

KH: Well since the game mechanics of each of the fighting games and Tekken is quite different, I can’t really comment for certain on that.  We’ve probably learned the most between the different installments in the Tekken franchise.  For example the game has sold 33 million copies worldwide currently.  It’s especially taking off in Europe at the moment.  So its very popular worldwide and its one thing that we really have to consider.  And even just among the different installments, some have sold particularly well, but weren’t really well received from the fans and each installment is pretty much unique in that how the fans received it.  Also we really have to think about the needs of Japan, Asia, Europe and the US.  So trying to balance all of that into one product is quite difficult.  And when we listen to the fans, its not really just what they’re saying on the surface, we have to really have to think about what they really mean for their needs in the Tekken franchise, so thats also difficult in itself.

GT: Recently PlayStation fans were dealt a pretty heavy blow when they found out that Final Fantasy XIII was also going to the 360.  Think a lot of PlayStation fans feel that Tekken is has always been sort of their fighting franchise and I think maybe there might be some angry PlayStation fans out there right now to find out that this game too, is going to the Xbox 360. What do you have to say to those people?

KH: Really is a very difficult question.  Especially for myself.  I’ve been with the project for well over ten years, from the start of the PS1 and the arcade hardware as well.  So its been a long relationship we’ve had with PlayStation.  And we have nothing but love for it but we just had so many requests from the foreign audience, from people who had only a 360 and not a PS3 and they really wanted us to bring the franchise to the platform so they could play it.  And we just really wanted to answer those fans requests and try to get Tekken in the hands of everyone who wants to play the game.

49 Responses to Tekken 6 TGS 08 Developer Interview

  1. Oni-Wolf says:

    as said before, my online fear is that Tekken will suffer from menu losses like what happened with Soul Calibur 4, the elimination of the Team Battle.

    However, I have only 1 question, can those who have a PS3 play online against those who have the X-box 360?

  2. tekkenlover says:

    damn we just have to wait one more year :(.,and no people that have ps3 wont be able to play tekken6 against 360 cuz they are two differebt system they have different updates…… just like call of duty 4 or soul calibur you only be able to play others who have the same system, by the way i think the best question that was asked these guys was the last question.

  3. CKZaibatsu says:

    Unfortunately the interviewer seemed to be all about XBOX. I would have liked some more questions regarding characters and how the online play has been improved from DR. Not how awesome the XBOX is….

  4. PS3fan says:

    Yeah, what CKZaibatsu said. This interview sucks. I’m buying PS3 version.

  5. tekkenlover says:

    yeah you guys i couldnt agree with you guys more…. the hell with 360. what about ps3?
    and their reaction regarding the last question about angry ps3 owners was priceless . all you 360 owners if you are not use to play with arcade stick, good luck using that stupid, garbage, and awkward 360 controler.

  6. Oni-Wolf says:

    yeah this was a back-stab, I have some of my friends that bought the PS3 for Tekken 6, since it used to be exclusive for the playstation.

  7. Darklsins says:

    well out of that interview only one thing really got me excited..

    the dev said that this T6 version will be the biggest thing they have ever done
    on a home version.. so cant wait >.<

    and to all teh ps3/360 fanboys… plz leave…

  8. MJ says:

    comb yo hair..

  9. MarkMan says:

    I’m excited about the 360 version. I won’t be using that dpad, but I’ll be using my Street Fighter IV controller for it. ;)

    I’m going to buy 4 copies of this game on day one lol!

    Limited Edition 360
    Regular 360
    Limited Edition PS3
    Regular PS3

    Can’t wait!

  10. tekkenlover says:

    so markman are you gonna spend most of your tekken tome on 360 rather than ps3?

  11. Bajii says:

    Hmmm..well, everyone deserves to play tekken..It’s a game for everyone..
    Though i have to agree that 360 owners should get a stick for it if they dont wanna get their thumb busted…. hehe

    anyway, good new cuz its gonna be Tekken BR for home.
    not so good thing is—- another LONG wait.

  12. MarkMan says:

    @ tekkenlover

    I’ll play both, probably PS3 more because most of my friends have PS3.

    Depends which TV I’m using too lol.

  13. Cxplorer says:

    I really can’t wait to get this game!!!

  14. Baratus says:

    “One other thing we really wanted to focus on is to add some new way of playing online as opposed to just standard versus.”

    Most interesting quote…

  15. UndeadEwok says:

    yea im a little urked about what they didnt say about whats new, and how they will better the online play

    GT-“is it being delayed for the ps3 to keep pace with the 360” …
    Katsuhiro-“no”…. later on
    Katsuhiro-“well its been extremly difficult working on it since the architype was made for the playstation”


  16. “And we have nothing but love for it but we just had so many requests from the foreign audience, from people who had only a 360 and not a PS3 and they really wanted us to bring the franchise to the platform so they could play it. And we just really wanted to answer those fans requests and try to get Tekken in the hands of everyone who wants to play the game.”


    I think they should say “We want the money of the 360 audience, too”
    “We want all money u have”
    “Money is the only factor in making decisions”
    or something

  17. UndeadEwok says:


    yea they might as well covered there faces in nylons stockings
    aim a gun at the camera and say
    ” if you ever want to see your sweet baby tekken again do as we say, or the Wii gets it!”

  18. 360ownersdie says:

    Fuck em and may all 360 blow up and kill their owners.

  19. MireC says:

    wow , what a remark.
    Dont be stupid guys, they 1stly want to get the money from the arcades, and then from both platforms. whats the point in hating teh x360 ? Eitherway , you would have had to wait for the ps3 version reagardless if it comes to the x360 or not. hoepfully madcatz or some other nonMS group will , make a normal Dpad so that also nonSTICk players can enjoy it.

  20. daniel says:

    i hate the fact that ppl here in the states are soo damn lazy about traveling to arcades and playing tekken. yeah its gonna cost some money but im not saying that yall should go spend like 50 buckes. maybe 2 or 3 dollars a month would be good but instead ppl here in the states just want to sit on their asses wanting to play online and yet yall blame namco for releasing t6 so late.

    and to the argument about 360 or ps3. does it really matter? does it kill your ps3 if a game comes out for 360? no it doesnt you still can enjoy what other people enjoy.

    if america was like asian countires that travel to play games instead sit on their asses then maybe we wouldnt have this problem.

  21. Darklsins says:

    @ Daniel…

    your First Statement about Lazy american’s is just SO damn Funny…
    plz dont spout your dumb nonsense…

    Not Wanting to Travel to Far Country to Play a Video Game isnt Lazy…

    “if america was like asian countires that travel to play games instead sit on their asses then maybe we wouldnt have this problem.”

    yea your just funny man… your just Stereotyping, and America Does have
    Gaming Leagues that Travel.. same as any Asian Country..

    and you know what you DOuche.. how about we all Should Learn Japanese so they dont have to translate the game…

    dont even release it in the US… how about we all work so we all can buy our Own T6 Arcade Cabinet then we wouldent have to wait for the home release.. xD Dumb ppl make my dad

    as for your ps3/360 statement i agree.. but your still a douche =)

  22. Darklsins says:


    dont even Bother… if you plan on getting tekken you must buy a Joystick…
    the 360 pad is just Bad imo…

  23. Darklsins says:

    i meant to say if you plan on getting the 360 Version..

  24. Juggle-sama says:

    This is a complete mush of BULLSHIT. What Namco isnt telling you is that the game IS just about finished for the PS3, but they ARE trying to delay time for the XBox360 because they’re paranoid about their money. This is absolute bullshit, and its got to be about the 3rd or 4th time that the release has been reschedueled. Understand that arcades ARE very active in the United States, NAMCO fucked up by releasing DR 4 months after arcade owners spent $$ on fancy-ass cabinets. I dont think fans should have to suffer because of the bullshit they’re pulling to get more sales.

  25. Treehugger says:


    Preach it dear friend… PREACH IT!!!

  26. Malakai says:

    And no, box vs ps3 games are not possible because the machines use completely different mechanics for online play. So choose wisely which version to buy (obviously the original playstation :D )

  27. daniel says:

    lmao darklsins. im not saying we should travel to other countries to play tekken. im saying u should support your local arcades instead of sitting on ur ass. i support my local arcade here probably 3 to 4 times a month for t6 and i live like an hour away from the arcade. ur probably one of those ppl who complain about not coming out early when yet im sure you can probably supoort ur local arcades where they make enough money to get t6.

    and america gaming league compared to asia or europe is nothing. yeah u can say that asia is alot smaller then america but the fact that ppl in their country support their local arcades thats why everything here comes out so late. ppl in jp dont want to take the chance in spending money converting a game from jp format to american format because most ppl here in the u.s want online gaming.

    also if it what you said about ppl traveling then why does america have the highest obesity rate in the world. hmmm doesnt that tell you something.

  28. alex says:

    I don’t have a problem with its moving to xbox. I just hate it that they delay the ps3 release just to catch up with xbox 360, despite their denial. Of course, they gonna deny that, ps3 fans would go mad otherwise, as I am already. Only a fool would believe that a ps3 version of T6 has not been ready given the release of the arcade version is almost a year ago. Microsoft must played some dirty role behind.. Sigh

    At least, they should release just T6 this winter for ps3.

  29. Juggle-sama says:


    Are you kidding me? This is not the states’ fault. You’re a total dumbass if you think that US Arcades arent active. True that console games bring in more revenue than arcades but thats not the point. Namco would have made PLENTY of money if they had done an official arcade release in the states. Just the fact that they want to delay the release for another console is fucked up. Namco fucked themselves when they released DR four months after US Arcade owners spent money on fancy ass Tekken 5.1 cabinets… no wonders sales in the US would go down, now they’re too damn scared to do another arcade release. T6 arcades are only in few areas of the United States, and near Christmas, I am planning to drive from Virginia to New Jersey just to play T6! American gamers are not lazy, right now they just do not wish to take 8 hour trips to an arcade to get access to Tekken 6 (excluding me).

  30. —————————–OX∆ PlayStation OX∆——————————–
    I bought all tekken games from here to there and from first to ….. last? Well, I think I’ve come this far, might as well go all the way! I will buy Tekken 6 for PlayStation 3 because I’m used on the controlls! The more important something is, the more fragile it is. If you have Xbox360 then you should buy Tekken too! : ) We can all share great games while it’s fresh, because soon it will become old and forgotten like nothing has happened. We still have time, be patient! You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future, so enjoy all the games that we’ll have. There’s only one thing that the three of them; Katsuhiro Harada, Yuichi Yonemori, and Takahiro Noda did not know about Xbox360… It can get pireted Disc and soon the syndicate will get their wrongful hands to get Tekken and will ruin Namco’s plan. May the pendulum of fate swing back on their direction. We know that time is free, but it’s priceless. We can’t own it, but we can use it. We can’t keep it, but we can spend it. Once we’ve lost it, we can never get it back. The truth is not always the same as the majority decision.

  31. hanakomachi says:

    Heaven smiles upon those that are just!

  32. Sean says:

    If they really care about the fans then they should hurry up and release it. It’s been YEARS!!

  33. Darklsins says:


    umm asshole I goto my Local aracdes on Daily Basis.. to support Tekken..

    and for your info I do Not have Tekken 6 here in hawaii… T6 is only available in Oahu i live in Hilo which i separate Island…

    yet i still Support the Tekken Machines here more often than 2-3 times a month >.> more like 3 – 4 times a week im regularly playing …

    but im not calling anyone else Lazy for not being like me…

    many ppl just dont like to spend their leisure time Going to the mall and taking turns on a tekken Machine(assuming that their machines are Busy)

  34. gogo says:

    ayumi is right..in xbox the disc could be pirated..but on the ps3 its not YET possible..and thats the sad truth..we the ps3 users will spend higher amount to buy a supposed to be an exclusive platorm game for ps3 while the Xbox user will spend less..thats not fair..if the users will buy a pirated disc that is..this is the problem that namco is suppose to be fixing not the online game of those xbox users..an another thing is to set all things fairly..the xbox users could only avail of the t6 and ps3 users could avail t6&BR..because those damn pirates are itching to copy tekken!!

  35. MISHIMA CORP says:


  36. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Soon they will meet their unexpected demise…

  37. Matt says:

    GT is laughable. Wasn’t it stated by the devs that the 360 version wouldn’t be arcade perfect.

  38. MarkMan says:

    The devs never said anything about 360 not being arcade perfect.

    GT asked interesting (obviously biased), but interesting questions to Harada and team. I’m glad they posted this.

  39. faceless128 says:

    I really have to wonder if the people relying even read the article, or are just so upset that MORE PEOPLE WILL BE PLAYING TEKKEN that they decided to blow up with ridiculous posts that make no sense based on the context of the article/interview.

  40. Bone Breaker says:

    I am going to sell my Ps3 and buy a Xbox Because it is cheaper and have more games than ps3 now also have tekken on it & also it’s games are cheap and easy avalible than Ps3 games

    Bye Bye my dear Ps3

  41. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. I don’t understand why they insist to lie before everyone? It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.

  42. KazamaStar says:

    All they were on about was how great the 360 was, >:( The only reason I bought a PS3 was fo my FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME!!! TEKKEN!! Now, its on the 360, it doesnt feel like Tekken anymore.

  43. BlackStar55 says:

    To be honest, if it’s one thing that I liked about this non-exclusive agreement with Tekken in regards to Namco’s supposedly beloved franchise, it just showed me that they don’t care about delivering this game on time. Be honest with yourselves, Sony has screwed the exclusives around. I mean come on, we expected these games to come on our damn systems to justify the insane, morbid price that the father of playstation was willing to make. I mean 2005 onwards, I was thinking Tekken 6 would come late 2007.It’s a real shame when even a year after, the game still isn’t out. Namco you really pissed off the majority of the Tekken fans. Saying that “we have nothing but love” is just absolutely bullish to a 100%. So it was for “requests from the foreign audience, from people who had only a 360 and not a PS3”. Please, just by reading this statement you have again reinforced the fact that your company swiftly changes to accomodate for your everlasting lies of bullshit along with your “So it’s not like we delayed the schedule to catch up with the Xbox”. I would be glad if you guys were a bit honest come E3 2006 about this version hitting on the 360. Maybe then, more people would have known about your so called “20 something million dollar selling franchise”. But well business is business. Hope you have a good joint venture with Microsoft in regards to Tekken. That way you can keep the money as well as bring future releases with rehashed gimmicks on them. Who knows? Tekken might even be the new D.O.A of Xbox..

  44. UndeadEwok says:


    i feel your pain brother. you took the words out of my mouth. i too would prefer honestly so i can prep with lube(BEER) before the hard fuck!

  45. hooker_child_lala_caca_JAP HOEE says:

    There is no way i’m playing this on 360. I had a lot of trouble playing DOA4 due to the contoller’s wierd D-PAD

  46. DJCore says:

    So namco wants to fuck with its fans eh. Well I found a way to fuck them back, I won’t be buying T6 at all, I’ll still be playing it when it comes out, with my modded 360. Kekeke!

  47. chemicalRed says:

    I hope the online works

  48. mr.romantic says:

    Hey. I have a ps3 and I felt pretty pissed when I found out tekken was going to copy from a 50GB to 30GB dvd but hey just think of it like this. TEKKEN OWNS!!! Soon it’ll be on Wii, DS and will sell the most on ALL platforms. And it all started with Playstation.

    But hey 360 owners still have time to save up for a ps3 before Q4 2009.

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