Street Fighter IV In Stores Feb. 17th!

Capcom has officially revealed that Street Fighter IV will be hitting North American shelves on February 17, 2009!  The game will launch a few days later in Europe, on February 20!  SFIV will be released on Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and the PC.  Preorder the game today at your local game store or at Amazon!

14 Responses to Street Fighter IV In Stores Feb. 17th!

  1. tekkenlover says:

    i thought it was feb first. cuz several websites al posted that it was feb 1. oh well i can wait to more extra week. this will certainly keep me busy untill tekken 6 arrive. i heard from capcom that seth will be playable. but is he going to only be playable offline like jinpachi in T5 DR, or we can play him oline also, if anyone knows that please tell me cuz i really want to know.

  2. MarkMan says:

    Usually when sites post a game release on the 1st, 15th, or 30th/31st, those are placeholder dates of when the ‘estimated’ release will be.

    I was at Capcom offices the other day and yes, Seth is playable. So is Gouken.

  3. Tekken says:

    Im not getting it because tekken pwns SFdjka

  4. DJCore says:

    I’m getting this and supporting it. I love how capcom doesnt make its real fans wait for 2 years before releasing a fucking arcade game to the consoles.

  5. tekkenlover says:

    thanks markman. freaking sweet, i cant wait until i master seth and play him online:)

  6. Tekken says:

    fawk this scrubby 2d game

  7. I want Area! She’s the girl with eyeglass and looks so smart with her pigtails. Is she i this game too?

  8. Nando says:

    Uh, Scrubby 2-d Game? Have you played any Street Fighter game past the Turbo series?

    If you think SF is a scrubby game, then I wonder how well you do with Tekken? Street Fighter is not a scrubs game. Logically speaking, scrubs should be able to beat veterans in scrub-like games. Tekken has more scrub-friendly characters than Street Fighter.

    I have to agree with DJCore, I mean…couldn’t Namco have released a Tekken 6.0 version to the PS3/360, and just later on release a patch for the BR version later for an additonal price? Then at least we could get the experience other people in the east are getting and the very select here in the states.

  9. INFORCER says:

    I AM VERY PISSED TOO WITH NAMCO/BANDAI not releasing any type of tekken 6 to psn .. I know we got DR but its starting to hurt the more I see BR videos… GRRRrrr!!!

  10. Tekken says:

    hey man it takes skills to do the scrubby combos in T6

  11. Nando says:

    No it doesn’t. Eddy and Lili are prime examples of scrub friendly characters doing a good flow in their movelists.

  12. tekkenlover says:

    @ Nando
    if i had to choose to play only one game for rest of my life it would be tekken, but i tottaly agree with you about lili and eddy, and to make matter worse they are adding another cheap character which is alisa, she has chainsaw that can be extremly damaging and she can throw her hand as a rocket launcher that take about 60% damage , and many of her can be excuted while she is flying, she is super broken, it amazes me many people complained about bob single uppercut move, and therefore in new installment (T6BR) sadly namco completely destroyed bob, but no one of these people say anything about alisa cuz they only want to play cheap, there is compeletly a double standard here. i can promise you if alisa was a male character instead of hot chick, namco would get so much complaint about this character

  13. mr.romantic says:

    Wait is alisa in tekken 6?

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