Last Chance Pre-Order SFIV Sticks!!

MadCatz, Inc. is leading the way in what will be a milestone in Fighting Game History with the Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Arcade FightStick.  Be sure you’re a part of it.  If you haven’t pre-ordered one already, chances are you WON’T be getting one.  Play-Asia is among your last, if not only, place left to pre-order your own.  Follow the link to check out the Street Fighter IV line of products that will be available.


One Response to Last Chance Pre-Order SFIV Sticks!!

  1. Mhike says:

    Lucky me Ive pre ordered on ebgames in Jan 01 now this tournament edition is not on their website its sold out yes your last option is in Play-asia don’t wait to come in stire because if you didnt pre oder it for 1 then your chance is you will no have this tournament edition fight stick GOOLUCK!!

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