Games On Street Fighter IV Results

GAMES ON played host for our Street Fighter IV Tournament this past weekend.  We had 30 people show up for the event!  In the end, it was Sanchez of Los Angeles who took an undefeated run through for 1st Place using M. Bison (Dictator) !  Follow below for full results.

L-R: Sanchez (1st), Viscant (2nd), shglbmx (3rd), Andrew V. (4th)


1st – Sanchez (Dictator)
2nd – Viscant (Blanka, Dhalsim, Zangief)
3rd – shglbmx (Blanka, Claw)
4th – Andrew V. (Blanka)
T 5th – AlexMan
T 5th – Louie
T 7th – dbostick
T 7th – Ghengis
T 9th – John R.
T 9th – Frank Fresh
T 9th – th3hurricane
T 9th – Traven N.
T 13th – Ferdie L.
T 13th – SAB
T 13th – Kevin N.
T 13th – ViciousSuicide
T 17th – ScratchieChan
T 17th – Faiz
T 17th – Francis A.
T 17th – fast_handsCODY
T 17th – Doods
T 25th – Joshua S.
T 25th – Flurious
T 25th – David D.
T 25th – Ben A.
T 25th – Games On
T 25th – JFed

Full Bracket can be seen HERE.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to GAMES ON again for having us at their venue, ULTRACOMBOFINISH for taking pictures and video coverage, and all tournament staff for making for another smooth, fast event.

Be sure to watch this space as we update with media from the event.


11 Responses to Games On Street Fighter IV Results

  1. n8nmonster says:

    Thanks to everyone for coming!

  2. dbostick says:

    Fun times, hard battles. ggs to everyone and congrats to the finalists!

  3. Banana Nut Cheerios says:

    Good stuff. I wanted a wall scroll.

  4. dbostick says:

    Totally agree with Faiz, So Cal is the army of Blanka’s and Boxers. I saw one Gen player though and that made me happy.

  5. MYK says:


  6. Faiz says:

    I saw one Rufus guy during the warmup, I’m not sure if he stuck with him in the tourney.
    Training stage only.


  7. Ayumi Namae says:

    I was hoping for more…

  8. MexLuthor says:

    VIDS PLX. :)

  9. Faiz says:

    Hey guys, vids that were taped are up.


  10. Demon says:

    Street Fighter IV online sucks

    All i see is fucking KEN & Ryu Akuma
    pick someone different for a change

  11. ultracombofinish says:

    A little video recap of the SDTekken SF4 Tournament.

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