MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 Is Gonna Take You For A Ride… Again!

Capcom has just announced Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live this Summer! Based on the Dreamcast version, the game will feature online versus, HD upscaling and wide screen options, and much more!  What’s even better? A DEMO will be available this THURSDAY, April 30th on PSN!! For more information and up to the minute details visit the teaser site below!


9 Responses to MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 Is Gonna Take You For A Ride… Again!

  1. Aaron says:

    This is awesome. My only hope is that they still have Gambit in this game

  2. Demon says:

    so its still broken

  3. MarkMan says:

    Still broken and still one of the most popular competitive fighting games to date.

  4. Demon says:

    got that right im still going to buy it

  5. Neo Xian Wu says:

    If you thought you saw rage quitting on SFIV… lol

  6. Demon says:

    i dont know whats worng with people these days tekken & street fighter virtual fighter gets bash on alot

    and a lot of idiots compare good fighter to shit ones like doa

  7. Enhorabuena y gracias por distribuir todos y cada uno de dichos Tips.
    Me fascina tu webblog!

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