Hot off the presses!  Check out the Tekken 6 E3 Trailer!  Thanks to IGN for originally uploading the file.  In the new E3 trailer you can see a good breakdown of the ‘full time motion blur’ and also a sneak peak at the new Tekken Force mode! Click below to view the trailer!

Originally posted on IGN:

More news from E3 next week!
SDTEKKEN will be there!


55 thoughts on “E3 2009: TEKKEN 6 TRAILER!

    1. Is this the surprise or is there something else to be looking forward to on Tuesday?

      I hope they give us a date… I’m so Tekken hungry right now it isn’t even funny.


  2. Hell yeah, i can’t wait to play online co-op TEKKEN FORCE.

    but yeah im sure this wasnt the surrise they have in store for us.

  3. Hmm looking at some of the Replies by some gamers, its looks as if im not the only one troubled by the Decision to make tekken 6 multi plat

    there a couple of questions directed at harada-san about tekken 6 fully utilising the PS3’s SPU power and Blu-ray.

    i hope he naswers that question. cause thats whats troubling me at the moment.

    but that was the PS3 Trailer, could they be working on the PS3 version first, then maybe working on the 360 version afterwards ??

  4. oh and MARKMAN your a fucking Geek dude LOL, i saw your post in there asking him about ARCADE STICKS.

    Hi Harada-san , its me MARKMAN from SDTEKKEN, i was wondering what your favorite stick is. my personal favorite is the tekken 2/ Soul Edge stick. the “NAMCO STICK”

    LOL funny stuff right there.

  5. Where does it say that Tekken Force is online, because if they didn’t say it was, I would rather think that it’s probably a single-player mode with a CPU assist.

      1. I’m just saying that Tekken Force was a single player mode in the past; what makes you think it’s even multiplayer in the first place, let alone online?

      2. well they did show 2 characters on screen, and somethin to do with online they hada global map, and some other things that hinted at online, still im excited, i would lve if it was online enabled.

      3. I remember back in the day when the first silhouette shots of Jinpachi surfaced and I was the first one to say that it wasn’t Devil Heihachi. I also said that there was no reason to assume it would have any online play. I got thrown off TZ for that and I was right the whole time. So forgive me for saying this, but Tekken players are quite prone to jumping to conclusions.

  6. Is the tekken force online and offline too? I’ll
    be happy if they have it both ways like that.
    Can’t wait to see what the other surprise is and
    when I get the game, this is taking forever!!!

  7. Can anyone please tell me is the Tekken Force
    offline and online co-op play? Is it just co-op
    play or is it a 4 player?

  8. I think its gonna be a multiplayer co-op online, i don’t think you can do that offline, maybe when ur on single player, not sure if they wanna spill all tha beans.(yet) =]

  9. Wow! I wish we can use all character in Tekken Force!
    I hope they will add the beach ball battle and bowling back, too!

    Oh! here’s the HD trailer…

    1. agree wiht you tekken Bowl and Beach volleyball was awsome more importantly i hope Gon is a DLC that would be cool.

      i always picked either bryan , Yohimitsu , or Jack when i played TEKKEN BOWL…anyone know why ??

  10. I wonder if we can use all the characters in Tekken Force?

    Gon? If they’re going to bring back Gon, they should make him limited in online battle because he can be pretty annoying sometimes. He’s too small and unfair.

  11. lol ya thats true , but man i love him, im actually listening to his song from tekken 3 right now.

    hes a little guy but the song makes him seem like he is the strongest. its kinda funny in a way.

  12. you know i just noticed one thing thats ticking me off about tekken 6 BR, i hope they have some kind of sensitivity gauge for breaking stages.

    theres a couple of stages where the top floor actually looks better than the bottom floor, i hope they have something so that if you want, you can remain on the top floor for the entire fight.

  13. Ayumi: since Gon made the debut in Tekken3, and tekken6 is about about to release, I believe he would have gotten bigger by now, u kind of sound like he will look the same, which isn’t a bad thing Hahah, i used to mistaken him with Alex, some Tekken fan I am huh? LOL

  14. Jin was my favorite character to use because his background complimented his fighting style and posture, it’s sad how he eventually turned out. BTW wut is all this about Jun coming back to life?

  15. huh ?? da hell u talking about obody said anything about Jun coming back to life.

    and about GON that the only reason i want him back, a midget like him going against some of the badesst guys in tekken LOL.

    that dino has some brass balls.

    but anyway does anyone agree about that sensitivity thng, they should haave a feature where you can turn off breaking floors.

  16. waaahhhhh!! I DIDNT KNOW THAT. thats awsome ayumi, you know im sure not a lot of people know that about GON. wonder if ALEX has his own manga too LOL :)

  17. I read in sum article that started a buzz about Jun Kazama as a possible “bonus” character in Tekken 6. However everyone knows she died by the hands of that idiot monster Ogre. Tekken 6, I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  18. Ogre was the best boss out of the tekken series. Jinpachi, Nancy, Azrael, this shit’s getting outta hand.

    Namco can’t keep the story straight. Wang/Bruce/Lee/Baek and whoever Ogre gotten moves from should of been dead but they come back. If they can come back, then why can’t Jun and King (the first. This King is “King the 2nd”)? That’s the reason why they weren’t in Tekken 3 in the first place. I agree with Harada; too many old people in there. Julia’s replaced Michelle so naturally Forest Law should of stayed there instead of bringing back Marshall. They made a mistake advancing the story 20 years too far.

  19. nah Ogre is probably third on my list, Best boss was Kazuya in my OP and devi was badass too. unknown was awsome as well.

  20. @ Bling Ghost:

    Oh yeah. XD I kinda forgot that they were bosses because I’m so used to seeing them now as regulars in the series (except Devil, but his movelist as a boss was pretty much the same as Kazuya except for two different beams). LOL

  21. it would be awesome if they added ALL the past Tekken games into an arcade history in Tekken6 like they did with Tekken 5.

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