More TEKKEN 6 Screens, Ahoy!

Namco Bandai Games has unleashed a new set of screen shots for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 console versions of TEKKEN 6! The screens show off some of the graphic filters and tons of the customization options available! Click below for the images!

Click thumbnails for larger images!

For more info on TEKKEN 6 please visit TEKKEN.COM !

19 Responses to More TEKKEN 6 Screens, Ahoy!

  1. cable1015 says:

    Ha ha,Mr. Harada and his team are really incredible for the way they shaped up Tekken 6(any Tekken for that matter). The wait has always seemed well worth it.

  2. yup yup says:

    It was long ago on official site.

  3. thelonegamer says:

    Nice range of customs, but still these screens don’t even scratch the surface of how many pieces the characters have now, and there should be even more stuff in the consoles. The extra wait for a BR-based console version is worth it for the added customs- Tekken 6.0’s customs were seriously lacking. ^_^

  4. tekken lover says:

    markman u are the man

  5. Farhan says:

    OLD NEWS!!!

    these have been up on the tekken website ever since it’s RELAUNCH!

  6. Aldrin says:

    I SUCK!!!

  7. Aldrin says:

    I hope there’ll be more customs than in the arcade version

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    speaking of customs, did they keep some of the old items from tekken DR ??

  9. Ryuhza says:

    Just a few,

    lol, like Kazuya’s “Delinquent Style” hair.

  10. Farhan says:

    Heihachi’s gangsta costume is so funny

  11. Killbomb says:

    I am going to feel like a kid on Christmas morning when this game finally comes out.

  12. Zooop says:

    That beast outfit is awesome.

  13. Naomi says:

    Thanks, great seeing you and some other SD people there at E3 as well ~ cheers

    – Naomi

  14. **** says:

    Amazon says the game’s coming out in OCT 2009. Any truth to that?

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