EVO registration is now closed!  The event is less than 3 days away!  For those of you not attending the event, don’t fret!  There will be a live broadcast of the whole tournament courtesy of the good people on EVO/SRK staff!  Be sure to tune in by clicking here.

We’ll be doing updates all weekend long on our twitter. So check back often!

27 thoughts on “The Road To EVOLUTION!

  1. on srk Wiz said the format of the T6 tournament is going to change. Hope it’s good news because I’m going basically for tekken.

  2. one thing though is maddogjin gonna participate in evo…that would be coll cuz he is currently living in U.S

  3. speaking of which i hope knee is back in the game snce his military duty is over it would be freaking a if he would participate on tekken crash sadly he isnt but if he were no one could stand his vicious bryan

  4. Knee has been spotted playing already at Green Arcade… it’s already too late for him to participate in the new Crash season, so hopefully next time?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a feature on him, after all they had a whole show dedicated to him last time.

  5. wow….. he was spotted playing at green arcade? really? then why in the world nobody freaking vedio taped his gameplay??? i mean come on he is the best bryan player in the world… or they did record his gameplay. yo markman do u know if the vedio of him playing T6BR?


    DUDE WHERE THE FUCK IS DJ-WHEAT, That Guy was swearing left and right didnt give a fuck, this is so Professional and SO fucking gay, you might as well have GT-TV hosting this shit, they cant even express how they feel after a fight.

    and the moment someone on the mic starts talking a little bit of trash, they stop him before hand. and say ” OK OK THATS ENOUGH TRASH TALK ” FUCKING QUEERS.



  7. I’m not liking the fact that the stream stops whenever there’s no competitive action going on. In Devastation, they show some random matches or make their own while they wait for the real matches to start up.

    EVO’s stream already crashed, but made no apology or any mention of it at all when the stream started up again. Terribly disappointing.

  8. wow, and this shit is suppose to have support from capcom and namco bandai and sony !!

    At devestation, all they had was a fucking Rubber Band and 2 popsickle sticks and they managed to pull that shit off very well.

    I loved every bit of Devestation, was gonna get me started on keeping and eye for all the huge competition streams, that is until i saw EVO’s Coverage , Holy crap man.

    Im not watching this shit, i’ll probably jump in tommorow and watch a couple of tekken matches before i go to work, I can’t wait to see how EVO will Fuck that up.

    PROFESSIONAL COVERAGE does not equal the real gamer, theres no fucking emotion no trash talking no opinions.

    Just shut the fuck up watch the match , match over sit quietly till the next match starts. if they think they represent they are highly mistaken.

    they dont represent me, DJ-WHEAT HOWEVER , dude said whatever he wanted on the MIC didnt care who was around or who was watching.

    not only that but he talked shit to the chat room, which was unprofessional but man i loved it XD.

    the guy was real, not this shit where they got that queer that keeps poping up at every fucking CAPCOM EVEN.

  9. I missed the tekken fights, where can i go to see them?
    ps: Glad to see an Ivy player win SC4, and Stanford finally took Wong’s MVC2 crown. Whos taking SF4?

  10. but justin wong was incredibly impressive. Can’t believe he beasted with balrog. Was just purely epic.

    At first I said fuck this justin wong. Who does he think he is? Everyone doubted and believed that he would loose to the beast. In the end he lost but only by the last round (he took the set to tie with Daigo). The way he performed it could have easily gone either ways.

    After watching how he performed i wouldn’t be surprised to see him place top 3 in SBO. Justin is a great gamer but he is also incredibly smart! He adapts to the environment real fast and it shows. Easily without a doubt the best SF4 player in US. There is west coast, east coast, then Justin wong-> much stronger then both of the coasts combined..

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