WEEK 5: Steve VS Asuka!

TEKKEN.COM has put up the fifth batch of vids for the Weekly Versus Series Tournament, which pits TEKKEN 6 characters against each other. This new round of the tournament features Steve Fox vs Asuka Kazama! Check ‘em out below!

Who do you want to win!? Vote by sharing! Choose your winner by clicking and watching below!


Will the boxing champ be any match for the master of Kazama-style martial arts?


7 Responses to WEEK 5: Steve VS Asuka!

  1. brooklyn new york says:

    Asuka —-jun replacement
    luv the girl kicks though

  2. VenoM362 says:

    I play them both.I guess I’ll go for both,flip a coin, or something I don’t know.

  3. chad90 says:

    steve will win for sure

  4. mhxtekken says:

    i like both!!! oh man!! i vote both then. =)

  5. tekkenlover says:

    these introductions from game trailer are so cheezy, they are foe people who havent played tekken at all.

  6. Lain says:


  7. Tenshimitsu says:

    Mind the left hook, Asuka :P

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