TEKKEN Roger Comic Updated!

TEKKEN.COM has updated with a new page for the Roger Comic.  Check it out here:


58 thoughts on “TEKKEN Roger Comic Updated!

  1. They are moving so slow, Really pick it up a bit.
    Or why not just release them all at once, At this rate Oct 27 is going to come before they are finished.

  2. MAN IF that was a spoiler, your a fucking DICK, im not playing man, YOU A HUGE FUCKING DOUCHE if that was a spoiler.


    1. first of all why the fuck would you tell us!!!!

      we dont wana know that shit!

      we want to find out for ourselves

      if that shit happens

      you royalblue is one motherfuckin fag!

      shit dude use your head… you dumb or something?

      dont be telling us some shit like that

  3. fucking idiot royal blue! i hope you die a horrible death if this is true..i swear to god…| i hate people like you ruining the good stuff that are out of this world and beyond beautifully amazing. don’t worry about him just another Jin hater.. see a couple of them on youtube…like KazuyaMishima5

  4. You guys seriously believe him? Come on, Jin is a Mishima, can’t kill them though bastards. Heihachi should’ve been blown to bits and Kazuya should’ve been burned alive in a volcano and he got thrown off a cliff when he was a kid. Think about it.

    1. Mishimas > Cockroaches.

      When the nukes are dropped, Mishimas will repopulate the earth, war would be a constant, and EWGFs will be the norm.

  5. geez relaxe guys… there is no way in hell that namco kills mishimas even if they killa ny mishimas they would bring him back to life some how just like kazuya in tekken4 that was brought back to life by G copraition. YOU KNOW WHY cuz mishimas are the central characters of this game both in gameplay and story line and namco is very aware of this fact, so they wouldnt do anything to hurt this game trust me

    1. Agreed. Jin is one of the main characters of the series now, and I doubt Namco is going to do anything as drastic as killing him off. I think royalblue just posted it to mess with you. “Hey guys!”

      If anything though, Jin is probably going to have epic karmic backlash at the end of the game, considering what he’s done, but not at the level where he’ll become a martyr.

  6. OHHHH SNAP, Markman looks just like him.

    i hope that cock sucker was lying , that would seriously piss me the fuck off if that shit came out true. it really really would .

    He just ruined a game that i have been anticipating for 4 fucking years.

  7. Oh ya one more did you guys hear of this movie ??

    i can already tell you im gonna see this .

    This movie has NINJA GAIDEN action Written all over it.

  8. I hope this is a Hardcore Ninja movie, im real picky about movies, so far the only ones i have is 2 bruce lee movies and ONG BAK and Tom yum goong.

    If this is up to my expactations i might pick it up on DVD.

  9. ya man i was wondering the same thing.

    how come theres no trailers for the tekken movie, i mean 09 is almost over when are we gonna see the trailer, i thought i read somewhere that Filming was done.

    they have a good cast of martial artists so i dont think its gonna suck to be honest the majority of the crew are from Tom yum goong.

    so no martial arts wise i think its gonna deliver. but man they need to show something.

  10. hmm i just looked at the entire cast of the TEKKEN MOVIE again on IMDB, 2/4ths of the cast is gone.

    Lin played by that girl from kil bill is not there anymore

    and Jackie Chan is not there as well.

  11. well since IMDB is kind of a if your a memeber you can put up who ever you want i guess people put up who they thought should play in the movie.

    so im guessing they were just dreaming. jackie chan wasnt really gonna be in there no was chiami kamiya or what ever her name is.

    1. It was in a video here about 3 months ago. He had blood all over his month and chin, then a friend said he saw a pic of him drinking blood from a wine glass.

  12. WTF??? man wouldnt it be crazy if they suddenly reveal that in T6 story mode LOL.

    Draguove with dissapointment that he couldnt get his hands on Devil Jin decided to enter the KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT 6 once again.

    …oh ya hes a vampire, we uhhh…. forgot to mention that.

  13. It could be true. It would explain the pale skin and they have never showed him talk(open his mouth period). I remember in the Tekken 3 guide it was rumored that Bryan was a vampire because he hates sun light.

  14. LOL, i saw ravens costume, man it looked cheap, god i hope they dont screw this movie up.

    althoug weve seen it happen before.

  15. Tekken” News
    Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities
    The reason why the trailer is not out yet not to mention the release date is that “Tekken” has no distributor for the US market. The movie will probably be released in Japan first. Fact is the movie is no longer in post production, it is completed now.

    The newest “Tekken” video game will be released on October 27th 2009 if anyone was wondering.

    Source:http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=491409397&blogId=505579428 check out some new jin kazama pics of jon foo

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