What Will You Fight For!?

TEKKEN 6 and NAMCO BANDAI ask you… “What Will You Fight For!?”  TEKKEN 6 is on the way!  Europe’s marketing is kicking into high gear with a series of awesome viral videos that are set to make the TEKKEN fanbase question themselves and the reasons why they fight!  Click below for some background information and to check out the first of these videos!


This is the first two viral videos shot at 2,000 frames per second. The central premise of the videos is based Tekken’s tag line, What Do You Fight For? And so it portrays the everyday battles of everyday people as fantastical Tekken fights, and the moments that make or break us: that missed punch, the moment you believe in yourself etc. Hence it’s shot at high speed so it almost becomes a photographic portrait of those moment.

The characters are loosely based on Tekken characters: Heihachi, Wang Jingrei, Bryan Fury.

Click here for HD version.

Be on the lookout for the next video, coming soon!  It’s main focus will be the hot ladies of TEKKEN!

45 Responses to What Will You Fight For!?

  1. Spiriax says:

    The video was so-so, but the editing could’ve been better. At times, the subtitle wasn’t even readable. Black outline, hello?!

  2. ConcreteBody says:


    • coma//patience says:

      “Viral video” implies it’s a video that’s either funny enough, weird enough or interesting enough for me to want to forward to friends, colleagues or relatives.

      This video is not.

  3. Blind Ghost says:

    What will i fight for ?? I’ll fight for my Obesity.

  4. Blind Ghost says:

    LMAO XD best commercial ever man.


  5. Blind Ghost says:

    Thai Comedy is the Fucking Best man. they got a sense of humor like no other.

    watch ONG BAK youll see what i mean.

  6. MarkMan says:

    Wait until you guys see the REAL TEKKEN 6 TV ads/commercials. They are by far the best representation ever for the series.

  7. TCO-TheOne says:

    Cool can’t wait and October is here an now we can really start counting down.

  8. Styv says:

    29 to go!

  9. Val says:

    Graaaaaaah! This wait feels like waiting for your birthday when you were a kid. Its taking forever graaaaah!

  10. Me says:

    I will fight for equal rights.

    Damn 26 days feels like a year.

  11. yaks88 says:

    it feels long to me but like blind ghost said take it in weeks not days it seems really quick i cant sleep coz of the hype of tekken 6 from where i live people dont understand the beutiful sense of tekken its like 1998 again for me when tekken 3 was cumin out (tearshed)its just beutiful. And guys lets us celebrate we deserve it its our time now and its time to play a new era of tekken.

  12. anonymous5 says:

    Wait why does it say the 30th on the Video. I didn’t take off work so they can switch around days on me!

  13. ConcreteBody says:


  14. acg137 says:

    Supposedly the global release is on Oct 27th. 30 for some countries just to be safe :)

  15. Blind Ghost says:

    Maloooi !

  16. TCO-TheOne says:

    I just like how custom attire has it’s own mode. I use to hate that i could not see what my player was wearing in arcade,because it was a in and out back and fourth deal.

  17. Blind Ghost says:

    heres another LOL XD

  18. Blind Ghost says:

    Anyone here remeber the Code in tekken 2 where you can play in First person View in wireframe ??

    lol that was awsome.

    Proving the Fact that FPS are just a view point and not necessarily a new game.. LMAO.

    TEKKEN is Wisdom.

  19. CeaserDeebo says:

    I’ve never seen a single tekken commercial in the UK

  20. KW says:

    Apparently it’s released on the 5th of November in Aust.

  21. MarkMan says:

    TEKKEN has had a few commercials in the UK. You guys remember Afro Ninja? That’s from a European Tekken tv spot.

  22. ched90 says:


  23. ched90 says:


  24. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    UM. . .marky

    Is tekken 6(console) finished yet???

    They should be by now. . .

  25. Blind Ghost says:

    Ohhh shit, HELLLS YEAH.


    • ched90 says:

      lool i think tekken 5 trailler is better i hope its not the finale because it SUXXX

      • VenoM362 says:

        That was a sick video.
        Good luck Paul, for fucking with Bryan. Bryan is one of my orginals. The Mach Breaker cancelled out the Phoenix Smasher. LOL! That’s right BITCH! What now Paul?
        …..FUCK PAUL!!!

  26. Blind Ghost says:

    Nah i was just thnking that right now, its not final, remeber the parts with Lars Fighting The soldiers.

    The part with Jin on the Bike fighting Kazuya. and the Part where lin is on the Train As a building blows up. so yeah this must be the ARCADE TRAILER.

    Heres hoping they dont have a gay song attached to the irst part of the trailer like they did with five.

    I fucking hate that song. But since i mso ice let me post it for you guys.

    Man this song was fucking horrible. Be lucky i couldnt find the clip to go along with this.

  27. tekkenlover says:

    damn nice job chad90 thanks for putting that up i loved that

  28. tekkenlover says:

    guys t. hawk deejay and juri are added for super fighter4 here is the deejay gameplay
    deejay’s attcks are insane

  29. Ji3 says:

    Do you guys know if they have released all the actual features of the game? I was planning on buying an HD video transfer device to record matches. However, I keep hearing that there will be a built in match recorder so I just want to know if there is anything definite in terms of the game’s features.

    Don’t wanna waste $100 on something that I don’t need lol.

    Also, did anyone besides myself order the non-region coded Japanese version of T6BR lol?

  30. Blind Ghost says:

    Ji3 for your sake i hope you knwo what your doing. cause you might have some problems playing online matches.

  31. tekkenlover says:

    why would u order japanease version when u can buy an american version???

  32. anon says:

    who’s the girl on the banner? is it leah dizon?

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