IGN TEKKEN 6 Preview!

TEKKEN 6 is on the front page!!! Our friends at IGN have posted some new impressions on TEKKEN 6!  They take us along into the scenario campaign mode and go into detail about the amazing story telling that is bound to get fans drooling.  Click below for all the juicy details!

14 Responses to IGN TEKKEN 6 Preview!

  1. acg137 says:

    before all else, its a Brian 1st :D with a hidden gatling gun :)

    We’re near the release of the game :D

  2. ZeroX says:

    FIRST!! Bahaha! Already saw the preview, mainly the guy jacking off over Lars. Check the comments and see how retarded they are…And my replies. :D

  3. MarkMan says:

    LOL… scenario campaign is awesome, much better than I expected!

  4. Val says:

    Ugh! I hate all these noobs posting their ignorant comments on that site. Honestly, they don’t have enough knowledge about the game to even be entitled to an opinion. Stupid fucks! How dare they voice their ignorance! I would gladly agree if they made valid points but their ignorance is enraging. /facepalm

  5. VenoM362 says:

    Will there be a BLOODY story mode!? Scenario campaign seems to be mostly about Lars. So what about Azaziel? Is there a point of this new boss or is he just there for shits and giggles?

  6. VenoM362 says:

    OK,I just saw about the story mode. It’s inside of scenario campaign, that’s fine with me. I was afraid Nacmo just said “fuck it”. MarkMan, why did’nt you tell VenoM362 about this?
    Oh yeah…I know about your “review” copy of Tekken.
    I’m just saying…

  7. Killbomb says:

    MarkMan: You have any idea when they’re going to release the achivement/trophy info?

  8. Gamesdmc3 says:


    Simply turn off the motion blur effect and resolution jumps from 1024×576 to 1365×768 (the same as Soul Calibur IV). In effect, resolution almost doubles, in exchange for the omission of motion blur. However, there’s still no anti-aliasing, so overall appearance still looks pretty rough compared to Street Fighter IV and Virtua Fighter 5. Regardless, it’s quite a remarkable turn of events, and the first time we’ve seen anything like it. But the staggering thing is that in this case, the extra resolution does virtually nothing for image quality. Check out this comparison, with analysis from DF contributor MazingerDUDE. Texture detail on the sub-HD image is noticeably sharper than it is in the higher-resolution image.

    The reason that 1024×576 resolution has been introduced is to accommodate the dynamic motion blur system that Namco-Bandai has added to the game. Similar to Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, this effect is realistically calculated in order to produce the effect of motion smoother than the actual frame-rate. It actually works rather well, and the developers have added code that makes the game arguably look superiorin some respects to the higher resolution mode.

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