TEKKEN 6 SDTEKKEN Screen Gallery Part 2

Here’s the second batch of screen shots that will supplement some of the things we’ll be discussing on the SD TEKKEN Podcast Show (to be released later this week) !  Click below for all the juicy screen grabs (possible spoilarz)!

If you link these images elsewhere, please credit the source, SDTEKKEN.COM. Thanks!


47 Responses to TEKKEN 6 SDTEKKEN Screen Gallery Part 2

  1. concretebody says:

    Yeah Boy!

  2. concretebody says:

    funny, i get all mushie on the inside when somethin new is up on here.

  3. LADYJin says:



  4. Ashesfall says:

    this is interessting.
    does king has an third outfit or does it mean if an fighter has no third costume you can costomize an third?

    maybie for the future dlc?

    thx for the screens

    • **** says:

      I was hoping they’d have a costume select system similar to DOA4 where when after selecting a character a list of all the available costumes pop up. The two default costumes are in slots 1 and 2 and any additional costumes you create can be saved in slots 3 to 10.

  5. JProdigy says:

    congratulations Markman and Castel on being in the credits!! that’s awesome!!

  6. Ashesfall says:

    WoW they are in the credits what a dream! :)

  7. Spiriax says:

    These screens are ILL, thanks SDTekken! And congrats on being on the credits screen! :)

  8. BlondeAssassin says:

    OMG! Nina/ANNA look amazingggg!!! So epic!

  9. […] Tekken 6 Console Screencaps SD-Tekken has just posted two batches of too-cool screencaps from the console versions of Tekken 6. Taken right from their review copies of the game, the screens show samples of menu screens, snippets of the intro, various modes, story mode prologue art and even a few bits of ending cinemas! Nothing too spoilerific, anyways. Check them out if you haven’t already here. […]

  10. Alixraen says:

    Whoa, how’d Markman get in the credits?

  11. BlackVen0m says:

    omg is this a spoiler or what!! lol but i saw SOME of the screens like custi and option and gameplay.but i hate to see the others from ending intro or prologue.SPOILER! im going to save that until i have myself..anyway thanx..but im really waiting for the podcast!

  12. Lex_williams says:

    Anna you’re pathetic! Nina is very strong!

  13. mARCO says:

    y do they have tekken 3 writen in the top left hand corner?

  14. thelonegamer says:

    Hey NICE, apparently you can customize a P3 character model aside from the default P1 and P2…

  15. The_Phenom says:

    Check this link it gives a preview to Lars scenario campaign Intro…


  16. yaks88 says:

    guys help me im havin panik attacks! no jokes

  17. garfield says:

    are my eyes deceiving me or is that orge?

    why are some pictures black and white?

    is orge the character coming back to tekken 6?

  18. Devlo says:

    These images are great!!!!!! I’m eager to play Tekken. Upload more images please, especially some Law’s images. Thanks.

  19. Nando says:

    @ Garfield: Most likely those are just storyline screens for Jin.

    Screens look great, I’m pretty hyped up. Last time I was waiting for a game with this much anticipation was when Tekken 3 dropped for PS1.

  20. Killbomb says:

    I agree with Nando about the anticipation factor. I feel like a 10-year-old again waiting for Christmas morning. :D

    Also, anyone know if practice mode will have “example” combos like DR on PSP did? Those combos might not be the best possible but it was nice to get an idea of the combo possibilities for each character without printing out lists for everyone.

    • Nando says:

      Fuck yeah, man. I remember being about 13 and tired of the lack of fighters on my N64, and I decided I wanted to try that “evil” Sony Playstation and the first thing I did was go out and buy a Christmas Buyers’ Guide to PS1 games that was wrote up by Gamepro during that year and scoped out what was what. I remember passing by Tekken 1, with an overall score of 4.0s across the board. Being a SF fan at the time and nothing more, I figured that was a good start to the 3-D fighter arena, and it definately paid off. Bought Tekken 1 first as a nice entry-level fighter and about 3 months later bought Tekken 2…and the rest is history! OG Tekken since ’96.

  21. lilipr0n says:

    omfg. I can’t wait.

  22. KW says:

    Very very nice screens MM.

  23. ched90 says:


  24. DeluksZ says:

    Thanks for the screens. Posted them on tekkenhungary.blog.hu with proper credits and links to sdtekken. Check it out (you won’t understand a word anyway): http://tekkenhungary.blog.hu/2009/10/15/t6_konzol_kepek#more1451127

  25. PhantomJ says:

    Wow, Namco really outdid themselves (provided there’s equal quality & quantity for everyone’s story). Plus, background history? Neato.

  26. Battling_boy says:

    Stupid question which won get answered. Does Jin die???

  27. SolRahlX says:

    Characters don’t die in Tekken anymore

  28. LadyGroth says:

    Why do I constantly feel that restless when thinking about the things that will happen when Jin and Kazuya will meet?

    What has Jin become? I hope he’ll come back to his senses soon. I like him being tough, but not such a ungrateful, merciless bastard.

  29. YellowFlash says:

    Markman or anyone of the SDTekken squad…I would like to ask if any of you know if the japanese ps3 version will be region free? By region free, I mean if it will be possible to change the language (like soul calibur IV)? Because a friend of mine is going to japan and games are cheaper there so it would be better too buy it there then….

  30. Cat says:

    The CG ending screenshots with Devil Jin and Jin do intrigue me. The one of Jin face down is noticable since he no longer has his devil mark on his left arm, that’s the really big spoiler in this batch imo. I have speculated for quite some time that this part of the storyline would be the end of Devil Jin, and those shots suggest that is what will happen.

    The shot of Devil Jin against the full moon and saying he doesn’t remember what happened is interesting too since they’ve never really said how much Jin remembers of when he is Devil Jin.

    I’m almost optimistic on the story now thanks to these screenshots, so thank you SDTekken.

    • darth621 says:

      @Yellow Flash

      Thank you for not putting spoiler tag around that post.
      Revealing basically the end of a franchise that ive been playing for more than a decade. If you wouldn’t have said the part about **SPOILER** the tattoo **SPOILER i wouldn’t have noticed it.

      Go fuck yourself! ,,!,,

  31. LadyGroth says:

    No regard for family in the request of power- the curse of the Mishima bloodline. I think that says it all….

  32. Carly Susi says:

    Watch Scrubs online here http://scrubsepisodeguide.weebly.com :-)

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