TEKKEN 6 Launch Party Media!

Thank you to everyone that came by over the weekend for the TEKKEN 6 Launch Party! We had well over 500 people show up throughout the night!  Check out pics and news from the event after clicking below… as well as a bonus video with our very own MarkMan!

SDTEKKEN staff took some pictures of the event, see them below:

SDT’s Shortboy took some vids of the event set up, check them out here:

Kelly Bracha of GYT News also took pictures of the event, of which can be found here:

Get Your Tournament (GYT) also did some interviews with people at the event, including our Launch Party Tournament winner that won a TEKKEN 6 Limited Edition Bundle!  Check them out here:

And see below for a bonus video with our very own MarkMan!

7 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Launch Party Media!

  1. crazy skip says:

    that limited edition pack must’ve been something then


  2. ItgFabo says:

    looked like a fun time.

  3. awesome – look forward to more action!

  4. yaks88 says:

    stupid ass ho il giv a slap on her face all shanked up and shit well thats how these fat ass americans r!

  5. ShinKen says:

    Lol at ShinJn good shit man

  6. tekkenlover says:

    damn that guy was freaking ninja

  7. dedman says:

    LMAO the tapout ninja

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