GameStop Launch Event Tournament

GAMESTOP stores across the nation are having a launch event tournament for TEKKEN 6 this Saturday (Halloween!).  The prizes up for grabs are a TEKKEN 6 Shirt, a TEKKEN TapouT shirt, and a limited edition TEKKEN metal trading card.  Click below for more details!


16 thoughts on “GameStop Launch Event Tournament

  1. Wow those prizes are really weak as hell. Compared to the Def Jam Icon tourny. 4 ea games and a 360 pro and tickets to the launch party lol. I won that back in 2007, this isn’t even worth going to. Disapointing.. must be the recession.

  2. That’s true the prizes are weak but I just want to play against new players since online sux. I’m still new in town and don’t even know if there is a tekken scene here so this will help me find out if there is one. Hopefully some good players will show up so we can have a blast.

  3. I just won in my local area and now they say there are three more tournies and each time you when first you move on to the next level. Thats pretty cool I just hope that if I win the next one then I wont have to travel too far for the next one. The shirts are pretty cool especially the tapout one.

  4. Just won my area tourny too, now we just have to find out where the 2nd round is at, I suggest finding out round 2 location by pestering (literally) the ppl from the store that you won the first round at.

    BTW: does anyone know where we can get even more info on where the last 2 round are held?

  5. Won my local tourny also, not really any competition but fun regardless. Prizes are good especially the Tapout shirt. Now I can be Armor king for Halloween!

  6. ugh, my local gamestop store jipped me. won first place but handed out my prize to 2nd + 3rd place as well. So I ended up getting the tapout shirt but not the other 2 extras :(



    !!!! BLIND GHOST !!!!!


  8. Im from Augusta, GA 2hrs from atl. But I recently moved to tallahassee,fl. I’ll be heading to valdosta,ga for the next tourney.

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