For those who can’t make it for this weekend’s NORCAL REGIONALS, iPLAYWINNER will be providing a live stream of the event through their USTREAM! Check back tomorrow for when all the festivities start.


12 thoughts on “NORCAL REGIONALS Live Stream!

  1. these guys call them selves a tekken site man u lot aint reppin tekken u guys just puttin up gay ass street fighter its a fuking game with bunch of 3 year old twats in it support tekken u dumb fuks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i pity u guys at sd tekken u shuld not even b called sd tekken u shud b called sdsf fukin fags!

  2. FAB NYC TEKKEN 6 best in America. Lets go.
    As for the guy who posted before me. You my friend are silly. This tourney is a fighters tourney which means guess what. TEKKEN 6 will be there competitively as well.

  3. but yeah u stupid fuk atleast they kud of put a tekken pic instead of a bitch ass street fukin fighter pic put a tekken pic on as the main article its not that hard u nyc bum!

  4. Look I am not a huge fan of street fighter either. Having a fighting system where like 7 characters fighter with similar styles and it being totally unbalanced in favor of Sagat lol doesn’t appeal to me. First off there is no reason to talk like you do. You have some serious issues or your really ignorant to speak like the way you do. But yeah it doesn’t matter because in the end its just about tekken.

    Markman… I notice you won’t post the matches. Is it because Fab from NY won? I’m willing to bet if Rip won it would have been up already -.-

  5. schematic:
    I’ve been busy. Sorry but I didn’t record/put any matches up from NCR.

    And go ahead and make your silly bets, I hate it when ppl assume favoritism on this site.

    This is primarily a TEKKEN site yes. But if you are going to cry and complain, feel free to leave at any time. The fighting game community is too small to ignore events/gatherings such as these. Myself, I’m a big fan of the community.

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