TEKKEN 6 Nominated For SPIKE Awards!

TEKKEN 6 has been nominated for SPIKE TV’s 2009 Video Game Awards! Vote for it to win the BEST FIGHTING GAME category by clicking below.  Tune in to SPIKE TV on Dec 12th at 8PM ET/PT to see who wins!


14 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 Nominated For SPIKE Awards!

    1. I hope it wins… but I kinda doubt it will…and not just cause of lag, but because fighting games arent as acclaimed as much as they should be these days.

      1. My point exactly “we” the “people” are voting… Not just hardcore tekken fans but “people”… Just because all of us here will vote for it doesnt mean it’ll win, because other people are voting for other things… I had previously stated that fighting games arent as acclaimed by people(gamers more specifically) the way they should be these days.
        In the environment I’m in I encounter gamers of all kinds.. Many of those people don’t take fighting games seriously ,assuming they’re all centered around button mashing and not skill… Many of these people havent played a Tekken past 3… These types of people see fighting games as just something you play if its around and the mood hits; They don’t buy them… And this is your average casual gamer… the ones that buy Wiis because its what everyone else they know is doing it… These people may be voting too, and if they are (, and even if they arent,) Tekken might not win.. I want Tekken to win. I wish fighting games were praised more by the general gamer, but it doesnt seem to be the case.. Thats all I’m saying

    1. Dude… Calm down… Its not like I don’t want it to win… I’m just being realistic when I assume it may not.
      I don’t know about the other guy , but maybe you should read my comment again; It was completely in favor of the game.

  1. It wont win, and it’s not even because of the abysmal online netcode even with that flaw it is the best fighter this year.

    Streetfighter 4 will win just because of sales and that the media hyped it too the max. even though tekken is the better game

    1. To assume that T6 may not win in no way implies dislike for the game, but only shows an awareness of other factors present in an event such as this one…You gotta remember that everyone here is a Tekken fan; We all love the game and want it to win…but we have to be realistic too…and so i think The Devil Kazuya is justified in assuming SF4 may win over T6 (,even if i do prefer T6 over SF4)…I don’t think anyone has really been negative yet…Even the annoyedt6fan is still a “tekken fan”…These people getting angry over a well warranted, realistic assumption need to really calm down.

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