Project KYSG TEKKEN 6 Nina Combo Video

You from Deep Theater and Project KYSG has put together an amazing video featuring everyone’s favorite Irish assassin, Nina Williams! You might remember Project KYSG’s awesome “Crossing Ideas” combo video from Tekken 5! If you liked that video, then this video will definitely not disappoint!  Click below to check it out!


37 thoughts on “Project KYSG TEKKEN 6 Nina Combo Video

  1. hey plays on the SHITBOX 360. sad to say, but yeah he favors MS over sony.

    thats the only flaw i find wrong in him…….oh yeah hes fat too. lol

      1. Marky, you have my respect.

        Thank you for banning that kid lol – he sures ruins the mood of the blog :(

  2. i played online today.. and i experienced a DRO situatio where the signal strength just goes from 4 to 2 to 3 to 5 to 1 it actually went on all the numbers…

  3. Lol funny I actually experience these type of connections, when the game start he was a 4 and fully green in the mid of the first round or sec it would immediately jump to a 1 making my moves have a 2 to 3 sec delay. I always see a low but when I duck the move would hit me anyways I lost my avenger on some BS like that I fought 2 times really 2 freaking times nd same result I don’t play rank no more the online still suck that little update was just some type of filter that don’t even work right but I just can’t stop playin the game.

    Btw did u ban BlindGhost for real Markman?

  4. damn it i can only get only 3 bar connection when i play tekken , i hope they are still coming with new patches to improve the online gameplay.

  5. Lili’s combo may have been nicer, but I would venture to say the Nina one was far more impressive, I think she is much harder to play at that level

  6. WoW!! This is insane!! This is artistry! This is what Tekken is all about!
    Some of the friggin’ combos were 20+ hits with 150 -160 damage! That’s almost the whole healthbar!
    Good stuff, good stuff!

    The only negative thing is the poor videoquality. In this day and age every upload should be in HD. Just look at Kane’s Lili Combo videos! Pure perfection!

  7. too bad thats too hard to do online with a 3 bar connection…

    waiting online is actually longer than playing someone online

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