TZMurakumo’s TEKKEN 6 Lee Tutorials

TZMurakumo has been providing the TEKKEN 6 community with lots of informative stuff and great Lee tutorials and combo videos. If you are looking forward to learning this character then you should definitely start with these videos. Click below in order to watch them.

Lee Chaolan Tutorial, part 1

Lee Chaolan Tutorial, part 2

Lee wall combo guide

Lee combo video

More vids can be found at TZMurakumo’s YouTube channel.


5 Responses to TZMurakumo’s TEKKEN 6 Lee Tutorials

  1. kogetsu says:


  2. chemicalRed says:

    Nice stuff..There needs to be a Bryan tutorial.

  3. Super Joe says:

    Hah,a putting Seattle back on the map, the ONLY Lee player that ever existed from around the 206/425/253 !!! Go Curtis!!!

  4. VenoM362 says:

    *Lee Chaolan’s voice* “EXCELLENT”
    Informing post,I’ve been down with Mr. Chaolan since Tekken Tag (my #4 pick up). Lee has always had a sick wall game. VenoM362 also enjoys throwing the rose after he has defeated some poor soul.

    I’m just saying…

  5. Murakumo says:

    lol… I didn’t even realize these were up here.

    I’m still hoping to make a Lee DVD if we ever get a command capture feature (or I put in about a week of testing video collection with a friend in the summer).

    3 more Lee videos have gone up since those were posted. My oldest BR combo vid for Lee is now over a year old!

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