Roger Jr. Combo Act By Guc11

‘Serious Business’ is the name of a new Roger Jr. combo act made by Guc11 from Team Perfect Input. Since there aren’t many combo videos of this character and because of fact that the Hungarian player has been providing the Tekken community with great combo videos, his newest movie is definitely worth watching and a must-see for the Kangaroo fans! You can either watch it at YouTube or download a HQ version from RapidShare.


13 Responses to Roger Jr. Combo Act By Guc11

  1. ceaserdeebo says:


    nice beat to the vid too ;)

  2. Di says:

    Roger is probably one of the most underestimated characters. Yet, he is pretty hard to master IMO.

  3. chemicalRed says:

    Wow.. Never thought I’d see one of these.

  4. Guc says:

    Thanks for putting this here, I really appreciate it : )

  5. schematic says:

    You have to have good defense to beat roger jr. he is tough matchup for people who aren’t used to him.. his throw mixups, his lows and his wall pressure game. Scary character to fight.

  6. VenoM362 says:

    LOL,what a joke.
    Props for using Pendulum’s Blood Sugar as BGM though.

    I’m just saying…

  7. Tmd02 says:

    This is seriously starting to tick me off, i really liked gucs vids but only big names up on SDT? wheres the low names with good material?

    • Tmd02 says:

      Not being big headed or an asshole, but mine and plenty of other guys have vids that show just as much creativity, it’s just all about “brand” >_>

      Lmao put up SMPs AK vid

  8. ZeroX says:

    I agree with tmd02, we hardly get any recognition…I’ll be releasing a new video in around 1 week, so let’s see how it goes…

    P.S-tmd02’s new video was fantastic, it should DEFINITELY be up here. =/

  9. Di says:


    I’ve been wondering when would people start reacting this way… ‘omg, why combo video XYZ isn’t here?!’. I can’t keep in touch with all the latest combo videos (and watch all of them, of course) because I’m busy, just like most of people nowadays. Keep in mind that you can always send an e-mail to SDTEKKEN’s staff or directly to me ( if you think that something is worth posting. I think the best way would be to e-mail me because whenever I use my PC I have my mail opened. No e-mail will be left unanswered (unless it’s a spam etc., so please save my address and let me know when a new good combo video is released! :)

  10. anonymous says:

    Keep in mind, we already have the tekken web theater forum for video releases. I dunno if Di should really keep track of all combo videos being released. Actually, I dunno if sdtekken should even bring up combo videos at all. There’s so many of them.

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