West Coast Warzone 2 Finals Live!

The Sunday’s stream from West Coast Warzone 2 is about to begin soon! Tune in to justin.tv/wcwarzone at 1PM PST to watch the top 8 of all the event’s tournaments! Get HYPED and watch the following Tekken 6 players from the top 8: Winner Bracket: Aris vs. Rip, Rickstah vs. MYK. Loser Bracket: Filipino Bus Driver vs. 200 Yen, Ricky Ortiz vs. Kane. Check the rest of the entry for the tournament schedule.

  • 1:00pm – Grudge Matches
  • 3:00pm – BlazBlue: Top 8
  • 4:00pm – HD Remix: Top 8
  • 5:00pm – Tekken 6: Top 8
  • 6:00pm – Marvel vs Capcom 2: Top 8
  • 7:00pm – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Top 8
  • 8:00pm – Street Fighter IV: Top 16

10 thoughts on “West Coast Warzone 2 Finals Live!

  1. Props to MYK for the W with Lars. Good tournament,lots of characters VenoM362 uses in play:Lars,Steve,Anna,Dragunov,Bryan,Lili and Law. I missed the middle of the tournament though,who took put out Aris?

    I’m just asking…

  2. Saw part 1 of westcoast warzone , and a clip of ricky ortiz winning agianst onlinetony….man tony needs o go underground for a while, cause i mean getting beat by Ricky ortiz…..well..uhhhh, its kinda GAY.

    Don’t take it Personaly….Its just buisness.

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