MLG Orlando Live Stream Feedback

MLG wants to know your opinion on Orlando’s Tekken 6 live stream to make it even better during the upcoming Pro Circuit events (Columbus is taking place between 4th and 6th June). If you want to share your suggestions on it, visit one of the following forums:

7 Responses to MLG Orlando Live Stream Feedback

  1. mytekken says:

    yeah my korean brothers are gona win going korea this summer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tekken 4 life

  2. tekkenlover says:

    hey mytekken/glenn / ryan/ ilovetekken/ferhan/ are all people from pakistan like yourself pretend to be korean?

  3. mytekken says:

    im irish cacaussian


    Bout time sony reppin Tekken YAHEARD. . .

  5. tekkenlover says:

    wow yesterday u were saying u are korean now irish maybe tommorow u ll say u are from other planets

  6. mytekken says:

    yeah i was born from your mums hairy fanny

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