Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition

If you are a combo video creator then you can’t miss the Tekken 6 Combo Video Competition organised by Tekken Zaibatsu! Do you want to know which of the videos the viewers consider the best? Read the rest of the entry to check the details!

During the next week we will be holding a poll with the subtmitted videos. Top 5 of them will advance to the finals, which will start soon after it!

If you want to take part in it, follow the steps:
1) Send me an e-mail (di@sdtekken.com) containing the following information:
a) Name of the video
b) YouTube link
c) character(s) used
2) Wait until a reply e-mail. If you don’t get it then either something’s wrong with the e-mail you sent or I haven’t received it. I will reply to any e-mail with video submitted.

The deadline is Sunday, August 1st, 23:59 PST. Each person is limited to one video. You can send videos made by more players but keep in mind that if you do it no other combo video of yours can join the competition.

Good luck and have fun!


14 thoughts on “Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition

  1. Incase you guys are intrested heres the full

    Street Fighter X TEKKEN Panel Discussion

    5 STARS For Harada San’s Introduction, By pasing out Free Copies of TEKKEN 6 LOL. XD

  2. Kane’s Lili Combo videos are legendary!

    They have great Audio and Video Quality and are in HD. Pluss the combos are INSANE!!

    Lili is a flashy character and great to do spectacular combos with!

  3. fuck da SF fanboys….crowd didnt give a shit about Tekken or 3d fighters for that matter….im sick of all this “dimension bias” where assholes have natural perspective handicaps on how there perceive length, width, and height (aka 3d) and just cant simply respect da community as a whole…shit…i learned how 2 play SF through tekken…i never understood inputs of f,d,df,f and because i grew up on MK and always considered that a more viable fighter then SF i always looked down on that shit because complex inputs within their movelist but never hated it…but when i went to MindBoggle Arcade in Charlotte, NC during the summer of 2003 ( a beautiful summer and yr i must say) and i seen da level of play Tekken Tag was being played at…as soon as i got back home in Rowan County NC i went 2 da nearest EB Games that just opened and bought me a used copy of Tekken Tag and went home and studied and practice like that was my fucking High School exam. and when i forced myself to understand crouchdash input and certain symbols in da movelist like Asterisks in front input movements meaning “delayed input” i thought could perform da same shit in other fighters and more notably SF just speed up da crouchdash input into one continous motion…THATS HOW I LEARNED HOW 2 PLAY SF…through tekken…so fuck all da dimension bias with 2d and 3d fighters because we all in this shit 2gether and like 1 person who made a comment on a earlier posting of SF x Tekken said: “we were almost cleaned and wiped out by MMORPGs and FPS” notice da keyword in that sentence…”we”

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