TZ Combo Video Competition Final Round

Congratulations to Diety Devil, Mad Hittman, OUTBREAK_YOKO, The Main Man and ZeroX03 for advancing to Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition finals! Now TZ members have 7 days to watch the finalists’ videos, read short interviews with them and choose the one that should win in their opinion. Click the link below to find all the information and vote!

5 Responses to TZ Combo Video Competition Final Round

  1. k.d.e says:

    im gonna vote for diety devil xD

  2. Schematic says:

    Crazy fists vid owns all these guys honestly. Its like 2 hours long lol (exaggeration). But I don’t think his was entered. But honestly you guys need to go watch it. I don’t even play bryan like that And I was amazed.

  3. SG79 says:

    Di, check the TZ thread. There is a problem with the poll (only mods are able to vote)

  4. VenoM362 says:

    Had to vote for ZeroX03, he rep’d my boy Hwoarang well.

    BTW, VenoM362 has seen the Tekken Movie…
    …it was 10x shitter than we all thought it would be lol.


    Jin’s flame on his pants were blue and he got his “power gloves” from Steve Fox who use to wear them back in the day when he was a “Tekken Fighter”. Steve is now Jin’s sponser/manager. Jin didn’t know Kazuya was his father till half way through the movie, Kazuya and Heihachi didn’t know either. The only characters that were kinda close to there video game counter parts were Bryan,Eddy (Eddie in the movie btw) and Yoshimitsu. Everyone else were just MMA fighters is chessy outfits. Law was a mma cage fighter, Christie is white and did like two Capoeira moves but mosty MMA, Raven did NO NINJITSU just kicks mounted punches (he gets shot later on and just quits the tournament I guess), and Dragunov…lol…he uses tae kwon do and sounds like Law. Oh yeah, Dragunov also uses a spear…yeah…a spear. Anna didn’t even have a fight, only thing she did was get dressed like a ninja with Nina to jump Jin and she also got fucked up the ass by Kazuya in there sex scene…yep Kaz had a 3 way with Nina and Anna…woooooow.

    …And get this, Heihachi is…NICE!!! DA FUCK!? At one point he teams up with Steve,Christie,Raven and Jin.

    There is no Devil Gene,Kazyua just has anger issues.

    You still gotta see this movie to truely see how off track this shit was,lol.

    Oh yeah, Jack was in the movie…as a bunch of security helicopters.

    VenoM362 wishes he had more hands so he could give this joke of a movie more than two thumbs down!!!

    By the way the movie ends…there my be a part 2!!!!!!

    VenoM362 can’t wait!!!

    I’m just saying…

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