SDTEKKEN Will Interview FightingGM!

We’re continuing our series of interview with Tekken players. This time you will be able to interview one of the top US players and one of the best Lee players in the world, FightingGM! Please submit the questions in the comments below. You can send them until the end of the week.


36 thoughts on “SDTEKKEN Will Interview FightingGM!

  1. What’s is ur main reason using lee as ur main? can you elaborate on explaining on some of the good move he has, despite the online lag do you play online? If so how much

  2. Do you think being a pad player gives you any real disadvantages against stick players, such as movement?

    Aris mentioned in a podcast that he thought you may have told people you wasn’t going to Evo, then do so as a strategy, was this true? If so, can you tell me how effective it was?

  3. what you think about being sponsored by EG? and how do you feel about mlg wanting to own all the top 16 players and not allowing anybody to play for other leagues?

  4. i know your a pad player being one my self if you had to choose from a arcade stick what kind would you use and would you stick to lee or choose a different Character because of the movements differences?

  5. Whats good GM. Im a local NY player myself from queens. 2 questions for you,do you still go to CTF? And most importantly I know you consider playing on pad but would you ever consider transitioning to stick.

  6. If lee doesn’t exist in Tekken7 who would you choose?

    If you have a chance to play in Tekken Crash, who are the two Koreans you gonna choose to be in your team?

    Do you think Lee is among the top ten tier list?why?

    1. he wont be able to play in koreas tekken crash unless he learns how to play with arcade stick. asia dosent use pad only in world tournament they use console.

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  8. VenoM362 wants to ask GM this…

    What do you think Lee’s top 5 moves are and why?

    What do you think about the SF X Tekken and Tekken X SF games?

    Would you like to see TTT2 and if so who would be your main team.

    I’m just asking…

  9. If he’s played against Japanese players, I would like you to ask him what notable comparisons is there between Japanaese and western players? Is it true that they’re light years ahead? How are the arcades like? etc

  10. lee isn’t top tier character, why u choose him? can u describe lee strength dan his weakness? and how u manipulate lee weakness?

  11. have you ever got so mad because they were just talking mad shit at you that you started a fight over a game or vise/versa has someone ever started fight with you

  12. I would like to know if you(FightingGM) would be willing to teach upcoming tekken players(east cost players) like the basics of the game (tekken of course) or help a person trying to use lee to get better so we can have even more players playing tekken and being good at the game.
    also in a first to 10 with Myst from japan, do you think you would win? if yes whats the score?

  13. I remember in an interview I watched on youtube, you said that you couldnt leave Empire Arcadia because Tri-Force had something over your head. Now that you’re with Evil Geniuses, Can you tell us why?

  14. What is your top 5 basic skills(in order or not) that you think a newbie should learn first in order to close their gap against pro players in t6?

  15. Hi GM =)
    if you could choose to live and play Tekken in another country, where would you choose?
    Japan, or Korea?

  16. what are your tips for us for starting tekken players?. do you practice by your self? (AI oppopent)? or challenge anyone who plays tekken? lol

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