WCG Japan Tekken 6 Videos

WCG 2010 World Finals are only a few weeks away! The Japanese event took place recently. Click the links below to check the videos and find out who qualified for the Tekken 6 finals!

If you don’t have an account, use the following:
USERNAME: contact@sdtekken.com
PASSWORD: sdtekken

12 Responses to WCG Japan Tekken 6 Videos

  1. L_Z_N says:

    gonna spread the links now…

    btw I think there’s like nico video redirector..for those that don’t have niconico accounts..


  2. toshi says:

    wow, aris wasn’t kidding when he said the japanese dragonovs are top tier lol

  3. Tekkenlover says:

    Thx di I really enjoyed it

  4. JinUAE says:

    OMG Tekken BANCHO is a beast 0.o


    Im growing a bit board of Tekken 6.

  6. filodude says:

    why is noone commenting? this is good shit!

  7. Rocky says:

    wow Honda Lili destroyed Nobi

  8. arisb53 says:

    Awsome matches. Also, that is my fav arcade of all time.

  9. Forest says:

    Wow, I do not read Japanese or whatever…what do I click on to watch the video?

    • mistmatch says:

      click the yellow button on the top then sign in.

    • Jelo (SWE) says:

      Click on the “red text” in the top bar that says “ログイン” (don’t know if it displays correctly here) Use the login and password provided on this page just below the videos. Then when you’ve logged in click on a video link again from this page.

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