SDTEKKEN Will Interview JustFrameJames!

Since we’re getting closer and closer to Ultimate Tournament XII (details coming soon!) we’ve decided to interview some of the players who will be participating in that great tournament. One of the confirmed US players is JustFrameJames, currently one of the best players in USA and the MLG Raleigh Tekken 6 champion! As usual, feel free to post the questions down below (NOTE: we will choose only the questions submitted in the comments).

22 Responses to SDTEKKEN Will Interview JustFrameJames!

  1. Mundo says:

    When/how did you first learn about being sponsored by Check-Six Gaming? What was your initial reaction to it?

  2. av kazama says:

    Hello JustFrameJames, congrats on your mlg win! That was one of the most exciting grand finals I have ever witnessed. I would like to know what you think of America in terms of preparation of the incoming swarm of Koreans coming to the next major events and what you are doing in order to defend your mlg title. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. arro says:

    Favorite Bruce Lee movie? How did you do against Knee while he was in SoCal in casuals?

  4. arisb53 says:

    Why do you own Kor so hard? Also why do I own you so hard?

  5. VenoM362 says:

    What do you find to be Law’s top five moves?

    Also, do you use Law cause you like the character or because he is “top tier”?

    I’m just asking…

  6. Why does Aris own you so hard? And how long have you been playing Law?

  7. john doe says:

    who’s your favorite foreign player?

  8. arro says:

    Will you play against Malgu in Paris for money? Record it please!

  9. HotShot says:

    JFJ – I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Paris, fuck yeah!
    Why did you lose to DevilJim @ Evo?
    Will you 5 Euro MoneyMatch me at UTXII?
    Are you looking forward to the Mirror Match with Malgu as much as I am and have you ever faced Malgu before?

    Do you have a sister?
    Is she hot?

    haha jk – see you soon badman.

  10. L_Z_N says:

    Do you carry around notes? What are they? Notes on your opponents? Law strats?

  11. Anirban says:

    How do you rate yourself and Malgu? Plz fight against him someday. Really lookin forward to it :)

  12. k.d.e says:

    lol. how did you feel when you got like your 20+ punch parry on kor?

  13. zetsu says:

    congrats on your mlg win! which part of usa has most no of competitive tekken players and the most happening tekken scene? can u elaborate!

  14. Rip says:

    JFJ > Malgu

    1. Why does Aris own you so hard?

  15. Forest says:

    What is your opinion on the joystick VS pad debate? Is joystick better than pad because hey use sticks in SBO?

  16. Anirban says:

    Law has a very tricky wall combo. I mean 4,3,dss,f+3 causes max damage but its very difficult and often fails to connect. And if f+3 fails to connect its hardly any damage. And then there is d/b+4,4 which can be used pretty safely to give u guaranteed damage. I’ve seen you use both. And you don’t miss it whichever you use. How do you decide?

  17. TekkenZaldy says:

    what are your other characters that you are good at?.have you ever think on to change in character?

  18. KeyHunt says:

    How inconvenient is it to people like yourself, having some tournaments play Tekken on the Xbox and others on the Playstation 3? How hard is it switching from a controller to a pad?

  19. DIGGS-86 says:

    I was there for the mlg DC. How did you feel going against ATL Porkchop after he said ,” you been ducking me boy !” ?
    After losing to him, was there something you felt you could’ve done better?
    Were you fine with losing to him in such a match while looking forward to face the Koreans?
    Do you like the “Porkchop dance”?

  20. vado says:

    You will be going to Paris to participate in the NStarGame tournament. How excited are you for that? Did you ever think when you started playing Tekken you would be visiting Paris to play?

  21. paul salstead says:

    Rip mentioned on the stream while you were playing you seemed a lot more confident and “worry free” since you have been picked up by CheckSix. Is this true? Or is it just something you expected to happen after Raleigh.

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