AO Confirmed For MLG Dallas!

WCG 2010 runner-up, AO, the Japanese Alisa player has been confirmed and will be participating in this weekend’s MLG Pro Circuit finals in Dallas, Texas! If you remember his matches against Knee and other players back from LA then you know you can’t miss the event/stream!

43 Responses to AO Confirmed For MLG Dallas!

  1. ZZibu says:

    Nice, AO’s poke game is amazing Im expecting a lot from him.

  2. retard says:

    AO is amazing. He is so gonna win this one !!

  3. Fredrikswe says:

    Very good news ! Ao is so good and I think he deserves more cred his spacing and execution are on its top. One of the best in the world

    Hope he can take it home MLG dallas

  4. vinsor says:

    although i still think alisa is a haxx character, i can still admit AO’s gameplay is damn good in terms of poking, spacing etc…

    now if only they got more japanese players to come to match the koreans and US players, then that’d be awesome

  5. shotomaster says:

    great news now we can have some serious battle!

  6. Cosmoslayer says:

    What I’ve been waiting for!

  7. Keyhunt says:

    Amazing….cannot wait.

  8. Meeu says:

    Great news to hear that AO is returning but no other Japanese confirmed yet? would love to see Yuu or even an MSR2nd, if he’s still playing. . . .

    • shotomaster says:

      yeah, so many Koreans are coming but only 1 from Japan…

      • vinsor says:

        i’d like to hope that it’s a growing trend that more awesome players are gonna start participating in MLG and hopefully more foreign players participate in SBO and Tekken Crash because i think anyone won’t disagree with me saying that would be seriously badass

  9. Robin says:

    AO is AMAZING, probably my nr.1 fav player right now, both his Alisa and Lars are superb!
    Brb, gonna watch some matches with him now!

  10. Fredrikswe says:

    I agree with the opinions about that it should be fun to watch more japanese player in MLG Dallas in tekken 5 dr the rivality was more intense than it is now

    I would love to see some great players from japan cause i now there is a lot

  11. k.d.e says:

    yes! AO is going to do good, i would like to see AO vs Channel though. I wonder who’s Alisa is better?

  12. Tekkenlover says:


  13. Furb says:

    I prefer Chanel’s Alisa, but i’ll be cheering on AO. This should be interesting ;3.

  14. Alisa’s a bullshit character,but that doesn’t discredit AO’s skills. He’s really good.

  15. Kaiser says:

    AO made a statement with his gameplay that you can BDC at korean level on japanese joysticks…

    He can easily get top 8, let’s just hope he can stand the pressure

    • thee kyown oh one says:

      of course you can.. i can even bdc with my penis..

      anyway the topic about japan vs korea, i think japan is a bit better. Why? They have more tekken players today than DR days (Almost 70% of japanese players prefer 2D fighting games back then) But now you can see unknown players like AO beating the shit out of Knee >.>

      • john doe says:

        knee beat the shit out of ao you dumbass, not the other way around. ao was only lucky in their first meeting cuz knee kept dropping juggles and did wrong wall combos. he was having a bad day that time.

        also, korea is obviously better than japan u idiot. cuz the top koreans knee, nin, holeman, rain, jdcr, help me, malgu, hao, etc. are better than any top japanese players. who the hell are the top jap players? honda? he got destroyed by knee and jfj at casuals. ao and honda has beaten the top jap players such as nobi, yuu, burimaru, fukusu, pekosu, chocoyan, nishin, kagemaru.

      • Mainstreet4ever says:

        shut up! Japan is best!!!

      • john doe says:

        also, nin, jdcr, boradoldol wiped out the top japs at tekken global championships. nin and boradoldol destroyed nobi, jdcr destroyed yuu.

        korea has the best bryan, steve, lars, law, feng, devil jin, etc.

        knee > burimaru, bakushee
        nin > keio, foxstar
        holeman > fukusu
        tongbollove > shou
        hao > yuu
        malgu > naoking
        help me > mist

        korea has better players, hands down!

      • vinsor says:

        i really dont think AO is unknown……well from what i can tell we don’t have much coverage of tekken players from japan as compared to US and Korea but that’s just me, can anyone tell me otherwise?

      • john doe says:

        Ao is only 18 years old and has been playing tekken for a long time. he only became known due to alisa who is top tier new character and one of the easiest character to master. his secondary characters are lars and miguel. he’s the best alisa player in japan imo, better than nishin cuz he has better movement, whiff punishing, timing, set ups, etc. he’s overall better than nishin imo. and cuz nishin always loses to honda and honda gets destroyed by ao.

      • Mainstreet4ever says:

        john doe stop talking out your ass!

  16. the kyon oh one says:

    lol john doe you suck too much korean cock.. a lot of top korean players already said that japan has similar level to korea. it means that you just suck too much cock! the koreans isn’t 100% they’ll kick japan’s ass.

  17. vinsor says:

    i still think korea is better in terms of players though but japan’s level is at least comparable in general skill level as compared to other nations so in terms of the gap thing, yeah japan’s closest to korea if not at equal footing

  18. the kyon oh one says:

    I know that korea>japan back then. But im talking about now :) and we wont ever prove our theories unless they do a 43vs43 japan vs korea :) top players only

    • the kyon oh one says:

      43 top players for each character btw

    • vinsor says:

      yeah that would be awesome! and a whole bunch of nation vs nation games with the same format…….that’d clear up the whole gap thing somewhat but there’ll always be reasons why they lost……..haha

    • meeu says:

      i second that. . .

    • john doe says:

      the kyon oh, you’re so stupid! it doesn’t matter if there are more jap players now than in the t5 dr days, cuz the only new players that stand out are ao and honda and they both get destroyed by knee. the rest are scrubs. ao and honda slaughtered the top japs at japan wcg qualifers, but they lost to knee, so it’s already proven korean top players are better than the top japanese players, stupid!

      and what’s with the 43 vs 43 bullshit? there are only 40 characters in tekken 6, and that will never happen, u dumbass! it should be the top 5 koreans vs the 5 japs, knee,holeman nin,rain,help me vs ao,honda,nobi,furumizu,fukusu. it’s a no brainer that korea would win.

      • Bleek says:

        no japan didn’t have the qualifiers in wcg 2010 they are not same with the korea that have a qualifiers and a tv show because of that koreans are just too good in starcraft that they made a show that influenced them to make a show in tekken

  19. Fredrikswe says:

    First of all I dont thin one should say that a person is better than someone else and in not even mention that one country is for sure better like its a law of physique

    Everyone could beat anyone any day its about knowledge and koncentration

    Korea is good , Japan is good

    we hope they entertain with some great matches

  20. KrazyKaz says:

    what about Europe vs US?

  21. john doe says:

    the kyon oh, you lick too much japanese ass. who the hell do you think are the top japs? tell me! honda slaughtered the top japs at sbo 2009 and won many tournies but got annihilated by jfj and knee in casuals. jfj got 3 perfects in 2 matches in the 32 man tourny and knee taunt jet uppered his ass and got perfect. that’s proof honda is so overrated.

    if two of the top jap players ao and honda beat the top japs at japan wcg qualifierss but got destroyed by knee what makes you think japs are better than koreans? please use your brain not your balls!

    and like i said nin, boradoldol, jdcr annihilated the other top japs at tekken global championships. and jdcr beat everyone at joybox with armor king after the tekken global championships. he destroyed tribal, yuu, bakushee, nobi, junchan, etc. even mr.naps beat one of the top bryan player bakushee. and bronson tran beat fukusu, the best lars player in japan.

    face it! jap players are so overrated it’s not even funny!

  22. the kyon oh one says:

    Past is past. During SBO 2008 Honda played well. In wcg 2010 he played crap. After watching Honda’s videos from youtube I immediately checked wikipedias SBO champion list because I can’t believe he was the same Lili I watched in SBO before. ;)

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