Rock The Vote! TEKKEN At WCG 2011!?

TEKKEN 6 needs your vote! The voting poll for the 2011 season of World Cyber Games is now underway! A number of new challengers appear in the fighting game arena. Share your input with WCG and submit your two choices for what game you’d like to see next year! TEKKEN 6 and!? Click the link below!

10 Responses to Rock The Vote! TEKKEN At WCG 2011!?

  1. Nigga Dick Jax says:

    Tekken 6 has my vote. MvC3 gets my second vote. Suck on this Street Fighter :P

  2. Tekkenlover says:

    i just voted for tekken 6 great job by sdtekken for letting us know about voting right away.

  3. DanKC says:

    Voted for Tekken 6 and SSF4 :)

  4. Forest says:

    I vote yes

  5. SMOZZLER says:

    1-Tekken 6

  6. deebo says:

    Sure I’ll help out and vote ;)

  7. Burning says:

    I voted for Tekken 6.

  8. bill says:

    mark man ur mums a slag

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