Give The Gift Of TEKKEN!

With the holiday season now in full swing, it’s time to spread the word on a very important deal! Starting this Friday, TEKKEN 6 will be available at Best Buy and on Amazon for the amazing price of $9.99! If you frequent this site and don’t already own this game, please slap yourself. If you want to get a friend into the game, now is a good a time as ever! Happy Thanksgiving all!

8 Responses to Give The Gift Of TEKKEN!

  1. L_Z_N says:

    “If you frequent this site and don’t already own this game, please slap yourself.”

    *starts slapping

    man I really need to get myself a console..

  2. Spitfire says:

    @ MarkMan is this deal online only???? Dont shop online and dont plan 2 anytime soon….but need a copy ASAP 4 practice with Final Round coming up….

  3. julian says:

    hello if you are listening harada san and michael murray i just checked your twitter and you have images of bko keichi obake and nobuyoshi sano please harada san please make keichi obake and nobuyoshi sano the composers for ttt2 soundtrack like they did with tekken 3 please i beg you i will do anything please harada san thank you very much^^


    That’s pretty damn cheap.

  5. Everybody should of been had this game since launch. There’s no reason not to own it. Great deal!

  6. Spitfire says:

    @ MarkMan i went to a best buy store yesterday and they only had it $10 4 Whackbox 360 not $10 4 ps3…

    @ IMFAMOUSMINDED i dont own any next-gen dats y i dont have a copy of it….doesnt mean i havent touched it..just need a personal copy of my own while traveling from ps3 owner 2 ps3 owner… sorry i was 1 of those had better shit 2 do with $600 and any other price drop of da system like not being behind on my rent…groceries…car payment..bills bills bills….

  7. Kooler says:

    nice deal

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