MLG 2011 Game Poll – Vote TEKKEN 6!

Did you enjoy this year’s MLG Pro Circuit TEKKEN 6 tournaments? Do you want to either take part in or watch 2011 events featuring this game? If so, support! There is a community poll on the official MLG forums that needs the attention of the fighting game community! It’s up to us to make sure TEKKEN 6 is included in MLG next year! TEKKEN 6 at MLG was a great success last year! Let’s vote and see it back in 2011!

Vote and spread the word!

NOTE: You must sign up for the MLG forums to cast your vote.

9 Responses to MLG 2011 Game Poll – Vote TEKKEN 6!

  1. brock says:

    signed in and vote, hopefully more people will vote over most of those other crappy games

  2. Death Sandwich says:

    Come on guys, it only takes a few minutes to register. Vote! We’re losing to freaking Shadowrun at the moment.

  3. Rip says:

    Alright guys, at least we passed Halo 3 now! Get your friends to get in on this. The Tekken scene needs to band together here!

  4. yup yup says:

    that registration…

  5. Crimson4649 says:

    Its a fucking shame to see how little the tekken community seemes to care..

  6. eclipse says:

    the tekken community is shit.

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