4GAMER has a new article up that shows off some 720p screens of TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2! The screens are grabs from the CG portions of the newest trailer. Speaking of trailers, 4GAMER also has the full 720p, 60 FPS version up for download on their site! Enjoy!

Young Heihachi Mishima has amazing teeth!


13 thoughts on “New TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Screens!

  1. Have you all watch the new Tekken Tag 2 trailer! Awesome!! they have 2 new characters!! first Heihachi! but they make him younger! like in Tekken 1!! then another new female fighter! I think she is a wrestler like King,A. King, and Marduk, She wearing a mask and a pink wrestling outfit!! well!! I hope Jun is there!! I miss her so much!! I’m just telling this news because I’m a big fan of Tekken!

  2. It will be so cool if Jin and Kazuya was tag team, Nina and Anna, Asuka and Lili, uh!uh! King and Armor King, Hwoarang and Baek, Paul and Kuma, all rivalry will be team-up together and fight another rivalry team!! dat would be so perfect!! oh! and! um! sorry, if any of my english was bad! I’m from Asia!! by the way, Tekken till the end!!!

  3. Isn’t marshal and forest the same person just different cloths and marshal got the go-tee well it don’t matter just as long as they keep him like Bruce lee and not like the chubby law on tekken the movie.

    1. no forest is marshall law’s son. remember in the fifth game tht marshall’s son was in an accident involving paul phoneix’s motorcycle.

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