Who Would You Like To INTERVIEW?

It has been a very exciting year for the Tekken community. Moreover, it’s been a while since our last interview. What does it mean? It’s time to talk Tekken – we would like you to tell us who should be interviewed by SDTEKKEN.COM readers! Please post names in the comments down below!

58 Responses to Who Would You Like To INTERVIEW?

  1. Di says:

    Note: The interview with Filthy Rich has been delayed but it’ll be published, so do not worry about it!

  2. chemicalRed says:

    I’d like to see an interview with either Katsuhiro Harada or Knee.

  3. Jose Martinez says:

    I would like to hear from Anakin, Mr. Naps, Killer Will, or Suiken User. I’m leaning more towards Anakin (Jack) or Killer Will (Mokujin) since those T6 characters are seldom covered.

  4. toshi says:

    KNEE! please!

  5. jay says:

    any korean player please

  6. Nigga Dick Jax says:

    Please interview Knee

  7. Super Joe says:

    Interview Seattle (Me, EBM, and MKP), hahaha!

    We keep it crunk.

  8. Tekkenlover says:

    the guy behind tekken himself harada that would dream come true, and also markman who done lots work for tekken fans in U.S… i dont recall markman has ever been interviewed on sdtekken despite the fact that he owns this website.

  9. David says:


  10. mojorisin695 says:

    We haven’t heard from Nin for a while. I’d like to know what he thinks of the US and Korean Tekken scenes, his experience at MLG, and his plans for the coming year.

  11. Mainstreet2 says:

    Mainstreet Ryu 2nd PLZ

  12. snuff says:

    my choices are holeman, nin, knee, msr 2nd, juie, myk

  13. lockon says:

    only paractice, on why he thought he will quit tekken, leaving three witches, nina usage, etc, etc

  14. Chocoboko says:

    Wogus, finalist of SVB2010

  15. johnny says:

    KNEE please! if you can’t find a translator ask MYK.

  16. MJJ90 says:

    LingMassacre Because hes representing all the ling players and is paving the way for upincoming ling players get his white ass on here LOL =D

  17. Interview Filthy Rich

    • vinsor says:

      please refer to 1st post…it’s delayed apparently but it’ll be published still.

      Knee on korean side, MSRYU 2nd gen on Jap (if it’s possible)
      and any top rated US player would be fine

      it’s nice to hear inputs from them regarding tekken

  18. L_Z_N says:

    Castel..coz I’d like to know more about the guy behind one of the best Tekken sites.

  19. How about Tekken Tag Legend Jangiksu!

  20. Tom Hilfiger………Jio……….Lil Majin……….Pokchop………..

  21. Izzy says:

    You should interview Potatobrain, the undisputed #1 Canadian Tekken player. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of Canadian listeners out there, and I can promise you it would be a great interview.

    • lingmassacre says:

      Actually, I’d be curious. The guy is very good, no one in the US knows about him, and I’d like to know more about Canada tekken.

  22. TheWhiteMishima says:

    MSRYU 2nd gen please! I’d like to see how a quality Mishima player is doing in BR. Plus I’ve never heard how he actually got into tekken (Aside from learning from msyru1)

  23. Mundo says:

    Have either FightingGM or Mr Naps been interviewed yet?

    If so, then either (NYC)FAB, DJ Kor or Crow would be fine in their place.

  24. extracheese says:

    For Korean side, I’d wish to see an interview from Knee, Nin, Holeman, or Only Practice.
    For Japanese side, MainstreetRyu2nd, Nobi, or Ao.
    For the rest, I say anyone who hasn’t been interviewed yet. I prefer to know more about the K/J Tekken players though.

  25. Adnanish says:

    Castel, Sensei Zaibatsu

  26. K-Keo says:

    what extracheese said! any one of those players i would love to hear from

  27. jay says:

    any korean players please or japanese because thats where tekken is only played best at heart no other country please thank you^^

  28. Xiaonanigans says:


  29. AAK says:

    How about Ricky Ortiz or Justin Wong?

    Those 2 being the 2D fighting game lords of America, It’d be interesting to see what they think about Tekken in general and what they would think would be the best direction Namco needs to go for attracting the US SF players to join in on the Tekken scene.

    But I’m also intrigued about the fighting game champs from other countries like Izzy said: Potatobrain from Canada. And I’m sure there are other representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Middle East, etc.

  30. FredrikSWE says:

    Definatly NIN or Knee or Rain or Holeman

    Think they can share some serious thoughts about the game for us who wants to develop our game :)!!!

  31. Jin says:

    some interesting player like NYC Fab

  32. Psyclone says:

    How about you interview Sundance he does a lot of interviews and maybe he could tells us if Tekken will be back on the MLG circuit.

  33. TCO-TheOne says:

    Interview Rain Again Only Practice Or Tekken Crash girls :).

  34. Curt Carter says:

    Sundance would be an amazing interview, but he probably wouldn’t do it until Tekken is confirmed..if he would do it at all. Pokchop might make for an interesting interview as well.

  35. Zero says:


  36. USMCOgre says:


  37. beach08 says:

    NYC Fab or Knee or sunchip

  38. joe says:

    MYK or Rip or True
    Ask them when we can expect the next long await episode of level up your game!

  39. Slash says:

    Knee. He’s a humble guy and arguably e best player right now.

  40. Forest says:

    Hajime Nakatani. He is the executive producer of the Tekken series, right? I know Harada is, but in the ending credits, it says Hajime Nakatani (hope I am spelling his name right off the top of my head) is.

  41. SuperPower says:

    Qdogg- We need OG’s to preach to this generation of young and upcoming players

    noodalls- What does he apart other than P-stick testing? We need australia to speak

    Dinosaur- Another great european player who deserves an interview

    Knee- We need a korean perspective as well

  42. jinogre says:

    An interview with Jang Ik Su would be awesome for us old school players.

  43. ImperialDino says:

    AO or Chanel would be nice.

  44. leogan says:

    Only practice please!!! Want to see his pic as well

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