Tekken Communities: Tekken Arabia

This definitely isn’t the latest news but we are sure that the Tekken Arabia community deserves it. Why? Take a look at the video above and imagine all the Tekken 6 tournaments having this gret atmosphere, videos, interviews etc. Doesn’t THIS VIDEO remind you of Tekken Crash? Visit youtube.com/TekkenArabia for more videos!

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28 Responses to Tekken Communities: Tekken Arabia

  1. AAK says:

    Oh man, that was crazy haha. For the 100,000’s of Philippino’s and South East Asians in Saudi Arabia, I’m none of those races competed along with the Arabs.

    That Sora guy looks like he’s Daigo’s cousin.

  2. Pillow says:

    TEKKEN:6BR received the BEST INCOME award for the second consecutive year! Succeeded 4 titles past 5 years –>

    Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada left a tweet today announcing that Tekken 6 won the award for highest income in Japanese arcades for the year 2010. This report comes from the Amusement Journal, and marks the 2nd year in a row that Tekken has taken top honors. Congrats to Harada and everyone at Namco. Check after the jump for more notes.

    Originally Posted by Notes from Steven J
    It heavily beat out Gundam vs Gundam NEXT at 2nd place, earning nearly 25% more for a hefty first place finish (remember that this is during the year of the Giant Gundam statue) as Namco-Bandai takes 1 and 2 at Japanese arcades.

    It also raked in 45% more than the next nearest fighting game, Blazblue Continuum Shift, and Street Fighter 4 (around 48% more). Obviously a strong year for Tekken that bodes well going into 2011 and Tekken Tag 2 on the horizon.


    This issue of the Amusment Journal goes on sale this month.

    Why is this news not on front page???

  3. savage says:

    Those guys are sick, ppl should def check out their youtube. That Sora winning tournaments with Jin, love it man. And awesome video btw

  4. yak says:

    yeah thats what im talkn about asians on tekken are the best

  5. yup yup says:

    nice pushing with jin

  6. bruce says:

    that sora is amazing with jin
    chack this match out

    • beast says:

      sorry. i failed to see any “amazing” in this match. their wall carry is so-so, not much wall combo, so many whiff juggles… nice but still way below average american match :)

  7. DevilDS says:

    Sorry for this but i think that if a Jin player who win a national tournament means that the level of this country is very Low….

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      I dont quite agree. Its that the use of Jin requires someone to be purely in tune with his ability to parry, space and punish properly. In America that is the case right now a you kinda state. However, this guy Sora isnt…bad but everyone else is kinda trash afer looking at the videos. His patterns remain quite the same. He doesnt parry enough.Im not saying like t4 or that byakkoko cat but atleast the last hit ina string for a ecd2 or something. He likes to use cd4,db4 in hopes of juggle possibility and use/faske ub1+2 without parrying. Suprised these guys didnt hop kick or do better mixups. Then again they havent come over yet.

    • AAK says:

      Just so you know, it was a Jin player who OCV’d the entire American team at last year’s SBO.

      • DIGGS_86 says:

        Thats great! Im suprised I havent seen any of that. Will look into your vids if there are any. What name did you go by?
        Apparently i havent even heard of you butit is just that its not something you see. Aside from that, we’re talking about winning full bracket tourneys with Jin alone.

  8. soul hacker says:

    hello ..
    mmm i think the tournament in jeddah not al riyadh ( the DC ] also there is a plenty of player ready to show you the level of the contry .. in tekken 6 in cod AND in every game .. i know tow of my friends one of theme playes with nina a master ! .. + zafina + anna .. and the other playes as jin and lili .. you may also check my video here but im new to tekken and i know my level is bad but i play for fun and i dont wanna be a master in the game but whtch it maybey you like it

    cheke out my video i play as nina vs aikido ghost he is a the man thet i eas talking about ..


    lamo huh XD
    sorry for bad english -_- im also studying french lang

  9. JF-Master says:

    My nick name is JF Master also known by (Abdul)and I’m from Saudi Arabia. Also, one of the admins of Tekken Arabia. However, I’m really happy that we took huge steps to prove to the world that we’re here! and we’re freaking good :-). Anyway, i consider my self a top ten player in Saudi Arabia, unfortunately, i couldn’t participate in the last two tournaments there, but instead, i came to the US and played with many people here (Philadelphia). However, I’m sure people from around that area will recognize me. Anyway, here are some of the live stream videos that were recorded showing some of what we’ve got (as Arabian Players):

    part 1 – http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11426541

    part 2 – http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11426967

    and i’m happy to meet anyone who wants his skills to be tested :-) ..

    I also wanna point something out here, we sure are not the best, BUT we are with no doubt decent and skilled players.

  10. NIGACHEW says:

    trick kick with jin all day long

  11. soul hacker says:

    how about that ? –>

  12. sav says:

    it’s not the point whether they’re good or bad, neither is it to compare them to the top US or Koreans. Some of just need to stop comentating. Just showing a small fairly unknown community that loves to play Tekken just like you.

  13. Sultan Taher -Kazama- says:

    its not about being bad or good, its about showing the efforts we made during this tournaments in order to be a trusted community in tekken world wide. i know we still have a way to go. but we made our step and the thanks for that goes to the tekken arabia staff who worked out tekken arabia.
    after all we all are tekken players. and for sure there is level difference anywhere you go.

    • AAK says:

      Do any Phillipino’s, Indians, Indonesians, or Pakistanii’s ever come to these Tekken Arabia events? I know there are lots of them in the country when I went for Umrah. I’m curious about how much participation people from those countries have.

      Keep being awesome @ Tekken!

      • The Tekken King says:

        Hi,there …
        I’m the administrator of Tekken Arabia with Fai6al and some great people there. I’m so excited to see that what me, Mark & Castel was talking about 5 years ago, become true.
        Now in SDT, we finally made it … can u hear me Mark :)
        I take the 3rd place with Julia in one of previous Tekken Arabia tournaments(2010-Saudi Arabia), unfortunately, i stop playing the game, but instead i start help alot of the players here to level up there game play(frames, oki, best punishment, etc).
        We made some contact with some of the great players(Nin, Rain, Rip, etc), by our friend sultan when he was in France, and i hope we can make some matches with (these great people) and all u people some day.
        Finally, we will try to keep up the good work, and of course we need your cheering guys.


  14. Wiggy-Clifton says:

    Yeah Big Up for the Arabians Players !!

  15. Blind Ghost says:

    Ya enough of this racist shit man, if your gonna hate , hate on the Skill, not the race.

    Dont forget there are a lot of people that come to Sd tekken, show some respect, like he said were all Tekken players and its good that tekken is played world wide, soon enough it will be the other fighting game that is played all over the world, cause KOF is already popular here, South americaq asia and the middle east.

    Mad respect to the Arab and muslim community for stepping up and showing that they have what it takes.

    as for the racist haters, take that shit else where.

    Im arab myself so, i dont do this to others so why should they treat other this way.

  16. D.Ookami says:

    Haah, ‎​(¬˛ ¬ ”)

    Useless comparing of overall levels,
    Tell u a piece of wisdom about tekken, eveN the best can lose, there’s no Tekken-Super-undefeated players.

    The amount of “keen-playing” depends on the opponent as well, u cant show a “high-level” playing with a low skilled player.

    After all tekken is a fighting game and if u win a fuckin tornment then u did! ,, that guy saying (wall combos so so gogogaga) I bet if we play I’d kick your butt fair n square.

    Idiots just ruined the post, tekkenarabia commuinty, you’re great, keep up the good work and don’t mind the trash talk, trash only gives trash after all.

    Thanks Di for posting, sorry for the lang, and looking forward to a great cordinating and sharing with TekkenArabia^^

    SDTekken are the best :)

  17. yakub says:

    well done my muslim brothers^^

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