GODSGARDEN and MASTERCUP have teamed up to bring the Japanese fighting game community together for GODSGARDEN 3 featuring TEKKEN 6! 12 of the top Japanese TEKKEN 6 players have been invited to compete for over $2500 in cash & prizes! For full details click below!


GODSGARDEN#3 is to be held on 5 Feb at Tokyo “Asagaya LoftA”.
16 top players gonna compete for the honor of STRONGEST Tekken player and
200,000 yen (about $2,400) in double elimination tournament.
12 invited players and 4 qualified players are on the tournament with double elimination.
Each stage (round on tournament), the players draw lots and they can chooose an opponent follow the number on their lot.
*If there will be someone in the box next to the box one chose, the opponent can refuse him once.
*When the one refused his choose, he lose his right to refuse and put to the end of a line.
Tournament will be proceed in order, Beginning stage, Winner’s bracket then loser’s bracket.
3 rounds to win a game, 2 wins to win a match. (BO3 with 5 rounds game)

12 Invited Players
Buriburi-Maru (Bryan)
Tissue-mon (Raven)
Kyamome (Hwoarang)
Nobi (Dragunov)
Fukushi (Lars)
Furumizu (Lei)
Deku (Devil Jin)
Takeyama (Bob)
Yuu No Respect (Feng)
Yuu (Anna)
AO (Alisa)
Main St. Ryu 2nd (Heihachi)

Sure, you can watch this tournament on streaming.
– Live http://www.ustream.tv/channel/godsgarden

Contender for player and event information and official site at any time GODSGARDEN WEB (http://godsgarden.jp/)
Will be updated at any time! ! Please stay tuned! !


2011 5 Feb.(SAT) 15:00(JST) to 28:00.

Asagaya LoftA

XBOX360 in main tournament

Advance Fee \ 3,500 (including 1 drink) / day \ 4,000 (including 1 drink)
*Advance tickets can be purchased at Lawson Ticket: L Code: 36160

Live commentary:
From MASTER CUP: Tsuno-Kyou, Hameko, JK

Pre-entry at the reception:
Entry Period / January 22 – February 3
Maximum entry / up to 64 people

Special thanks to KSK, Inaba-san, and Masakarijin for putting this together!

Also as a special note, I’d like to announce that MAD CATZ will be supporting this event fully! More details soon!


20 thoughts on “GODSGARDEN #3 – TEKKEN 6 Battle Of The TEKKEN Gods!

    1. i dont think they are officially tekken god rank, probably like korea they got lots of dragon emperors which is just below Tekken God, but that’s just what i think

      1. Actually a couple of those on that list do have Tekken God ranks, And in Korea several top players have them.

      2. @jizmoon woops, i meant to say probably a couple….rofl thanks for pointing that out, all i know is MSRyu2nd gen’s Hei is tekken God the rest, just pure speculation on my end

      3. ok. . from what i know many of those (about 75%—don’t really know bout the others) on the list have been tekken gods at one time or maybe until now.

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