SDTEKKEN Welcomes tmd02!

tmd02 has been an active and dedicated Tekken 6 combo video maker. Seeing that and realising that combo videos do not get as much attention as they should, we have decided to ask him whether or not he would like to join SDTEKKEN and inform you about latest combo videos, as well as review them. He agreed so we’d like to proudly WELCOME TMD02 AT SDTEKKEN! In case you don’t know him… feel ashamed and watch his latest video above.

4 Responses to SDTEKKEN Welcomes tmd02!

  1. Guc says:

    Welldone bro!

  2. tmd02 says:

    Thanks Guc!

    I would like to thank SDTekken for considering me for such a role in SDTekken, I’ll do me best to support all combo material I can find :)

  3. MarkMan says:

    tmd02 <3

    Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    I can help greatly ;)

    • tmd02 says:

      Thank you kindly MarkMan :)

      I will do man, once I’m able to post some combo material onto this glorious site :D

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