Final Round XIV Results

FightingGM has proven again that the name Lee of the world is absolutely serious. In this year’s Atlanta’s Final Round Grand Finals he won against x6 Hoa, who has come back from South Korea. 3rd place was taken by another ATL player, Pokchop. Curious about other 125 players’ places in Tekken 6, as well as rest of the tournaments? CLICK HERE to check the full Final Round XIV results.

Match videos can be found HERE.


32 thoughts on “Final Round XIV Results

    1. I wouldn’t say almost he 3-2 him. And if Hoa would have won then he would have to beat GM another 3 straight where GM would have only had to win once…. not gonna happen lol. But as for that last round that was a pretty random way for GM to win lol.

      1. Actually, it was very close. Both were playing extremely well. It was the final round of the first set. Had Hoa won the last round, it would have started another race to 3.

        If the first set was any sign, that second set would more than likely been just as close.

        GM took Final Round, the LARGEST Tekken tournament in the United States, without going to the losers’ once. That is very, very impressive considering who he had to go through to do it while in ATL.

  1. Lee of the world? GM has to beat all the Lee players in Japan and Korea before he gets that title. If anyone deserves Lee of the world title, it’s Help Me from South Korea.

    1. I don’t see anything special about Help Me/Lee or Malgu/Law

      Both players are so overrated…

      FightingGM and JFJ are way better

      1. JFJ not placing top 3 in NSTAR Game in Europe while malgu is top 2 says otherwise, but that’s just me then.

        And you thinking they’re overrated is just you

      2. Don’t get me wrong GM and JFJ are very good but Help Me is a specialist with any character. When Help Me came to america he raped mr. naps and the rest of norcal major strong style 3. He picked up yoshi in a short amount of time and raped Sunchip-Bryan like nothing and many other korean players. Once he comes back from the korean army you will see what i mean. If america has a problem just facing Knee/Nin and Holeman then they will have a horrible time against Help me, because to Help Me all the korean players are normal players to him. Help me is so good at one point he changed his name to Hella easy lol.

      3. Watch the deathmatch between Rip and Malgu in ldmaxi’s channel. That should tell you that his Law is NOT overrated.

  2. Seriously why the fuck do ppl not label the fucking videos!? “final round day 2” is NOT HELPFUL. its like uploading a 12 hour long video of the olympics and entitling it “olympics day 2”, someone has to watch 12 hours of footage to know if it contains what they are interested in seeing. At least put tekken or streetfighter in the name of the vid, not that hard

      1. yeah right. I still think that GM needs to beat HelpMe and Mist first to become the greatest Lee player in the world. cause those two are just brilliant Lee players. but still, congrats to GM. you’re on your way man.

  3. in all honesty, GM is probably Lee of the world

    Mist maybe, but GM has beaten more international comp than Mist so if anything Mist has to beat GM

    Help Me would be had he not gave up Lee for Yoshimitsu… How can Help Me be the Lee of the world if he doesn’t even use him anymore?

    1. Lol. He didn’t give up lee for yoshi. Lee is his main but he plays with every character. He has vids of him playing with jin/ yoshi /steve etc. and still woops ass. Help Me still mains Lee he just said he gets bored of using Lee because hes too pro with him lol.

      1. that’s false. Yoshimitsu is his main and tournament character for T6BR. what tournie did he enter using Lee for BR?

        i’m not saying GM won a tournament with international comp, but he did beat Rain, Nin, and Knee in tournie play- don’t downplay that. JDCR and Ao fell to american players at MLG dallas as well so there is a chance GM can win damagermany

    2. @ HATERS LOL first of all what international competition did GM won with koreans or japanese.. NONE idiot.. im not against GM but this is so overrated, his the only one who has that kind of title. like KNEE, and everybody else whos great with their main, doesnt have that kind of overrayed shit.

  4. you can never really compare mist to anyone including gm bcz mist has never really played anyone outside of japan. its different when one person goes to another country to play. that is the ultimate test and if gm does really well in damagermany (1~2 placing having to overcome prince, jdcr,ao, prodigalson)then he will be the better of the two.

    just think of playing tekken without having slept for 24 hours. you will feel very cranky indeed and off focus. playing outside of your comfort zone means alot

      1. yes koreans have already proven time and time again that they can win on foreign soil>at europe,japan,us…

        they bring back little cans of u.s. dirt with them back as trophy – label the can as “u.s.”

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