Bound + Bound + Bound = 3 Bounds

Following our very own tmd02’s new Raven Combo Video (watch it in the rest of the entry) Deep Theater recorded a combo with 3 bounds. Yup, it’s possible!

10 Responses to Bound + Bound + Bound = 3 Bounds

  1. Nick says:

    Three bounds? What conditions do you need to make that happen?

  2. tmd02 says:

    Thanks Di :D.

    The conditions are to hit Ravens afterimage as the opp (HAZE 3+4) then it’s activated, but only on specific opps.

  3. SteveFox says:

    sick combos!

  4. tekkenlaw says:


  5. Blind Ghost says:

    Nice job man, im a raven player myself, nice stuff.

  6. farhan says:

    fuck bound fuck bound fuck bound

    worst thing introduced to tekken gameplay after Rage

  7. Meeu says:

    nicely done. haven’t had any luck on my first 5 tries. . .

  8. friedricewithtekken says:

    saw you in hell? so your both in hell? LOL

  9. farhan says:

    I fart on Bound!

  10. Zayyan says:

    itZz 0nly p0ssible when y0u are wearing special type 0v c0stume

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