New TTT2 Match From A Taiwan Preview

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 local tests have already started! Watch the first recorded fight featuring Armor King & Lars versus Hwoarang and Baek!

Update: Apparently the video was recorded during a recent TTT2 show in Taiwan (with the old AOU build), not during the local tests. Thanks to Katsuhiro Harada for the clarification.


15 thoughts on “New TTT2 Match From A Taiwan Preview

  1. Yeah; Tag assault still looks kinda slow.. Panda and Kuma are in two separate slots on the character select screen; I wonder if that means anything.

  2. I think its an older build that is on display, hence the ki charge animation during Tag Assault. On the footage showing Jun’s gameplay that Harada posted, there is no Ki charge in Tag assaults.

    So everyone, please hold your horses, before you moan.

  3. Damn, when 5.0 hit Saiyuk had to smuggle footage in and out, and then the arcadepimp torrent got hammered to all hell.

    These days the producer corrects mistakes on “leaked footage” and provides his own leaks.

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