Street Fighter X Tekken Teaser No. 1!

Capcom-Unity is teasing at a new character reveal for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken! We already know the first 10 characters from the recent announcements at Captivate, who will this one be!? :P With E3 around the corner, I’m sure we’ll find out more! Stay tuned!


13 thoughts on “Street Fighter X Tekken Teaser No. 1!

  1. It’s Cammy…

    What about Lee from the Tekken side. How about Marshall Law and Fei Long?

      1. Not really, both characters fighting styles are based on Bruce Lee’s it is possible to make them similar and yet different. As a JKD student myself, I would like to see both in the same game. Look at Ryu and Ken, same style except that one is basic and powerful the other flashy and fast.

  2. I’m excited to see how the SF roster dukes up with the Tekken engine, most of us are already used to SF since its been out, and its obvious Tekken is the more realistic and technical fighting game. I have no doubt Namco will go hard… Do work!!

  3. Capcom needs to be working out the game to the original teaser Kaz/Nina v Ryu/Chun rather than try to tease us with obvious hints… All this team attack stuff that went POOF when they showed first gameplay? (And that all the tekken characters are really weak atm >_>)

  4. I agree Spitfire I’m more anticipating on the release of Namco’s Tekken x Street Fighter version not to fond of the SF gaming system

  5. Anyone else getting tired of the whole ‘ink splatter’ stuff? It’s nice n’ artsy, but they should have just kept it in SF4/SSF4.

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