Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7 Weekend! Win Some Cool Stuff!

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7 is now LIVE! Check it out on Level|Up Series justin.tv portal ! Check out some of the cool contests that UFGT, Level|Up and Mad Catz are putting together! Click below for all the details!


If you have twitter, don’t forget to enter the contest, just follow the following people:

And retweet this message (once! don’t spam it!):

Watch & RT @levelupseries’ UFGT7 stream to win the Comic-Con TE from @KeitsSRK @MarkMan23 @BiiTTERSWEET @MadCatzInc – http://bit.ly/dxDJFC

For your chance to win a FightStick of your choice from Mad Catz…


Last year, we had a contest at MWC that featured artistic/creative entries from fans. We had viewers create original art of photoshopped pieces featuring MarkMan and ShinJN and something fighting game related.

The theme is “MarkMan vs. BiiTTERSWEET” ! Be creative! Use photoshop or create original artwork! For more details on the art subjects visit @MarkMan23 or @BiiTTERSWEET on twitter!

Send your entries to contest@sdtekken.com ! Entries will be shown on stream throughout the stream. One lucky winner will be awarded a Mad Catz FightStick of their choice!

We will have participants email their entry to contest@sdtekken.com and we will pick the winners before end of day Sunday.


One Response to Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7 Weekend! Win Some Cool Stuff!

  1. VeNoM362 says:

    Has anyone tried out the new pdp versus fight pad for the PS3? VeNoM362 saw it at game stop and thought it could maybe be something worth trying out since I’m a pad player.

    MarkMan or anyone else, what you think about it?

    I’m just asking…

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