Rip And Aris Talk TTT2

Rip and Aris recorded a very special Level Up Your Game video covering Law and Dragunov Tekken Tag Tournament 2 changes. Check the rest of the entry to find out that Law’s 4,3 no longer jails and that his stance parry is gone.

18 Responses to Rip And Aris Talk TTT2

  1. Play Asia Fan Club says:

    Thanks for you guys effort.

  2. TekkenZaldy says:

    fuck me side ways aris! lol

  3. NOU says:

    plz make law shit tier in ttt2 lol and lars

  4. DIGGS-86 says:

    Yes! Law gettin murdered!

  5. ICEYOU says:

    Why get rid of his stance parry?

  6. JL says:

    LMAO on poor law.

  7. Schematic says:

    Now you have to have some actual skill and do it manually again. He is not shit tier because everyone at the top has been nerfed. In a great attempt to do away with or limit tiers entirely. I like my fighting games nice and balanced. Good job namco.

  8. Tekkenlover says:

  9. darthmarth says:

    Why all the Law hate? Yes he is top tier in t6. But its not that big of a difference. I mean if you compare t6 Law to t6 yoshi yes there is a gap but its not near as big as the gap between TTT Jin and TTT P. Jack. Hell its its not even as big as the gap between TTT Jin and half the cast in TTT if you want to put that way.

  10. DIGGS-86 says:

    dont know about shit tier and bottom but he is too good.
    his moves scream fuck physics , ss and your weak parry my flying kick is gettin through bitch!
    honestly, something had to go…

  11. VeNoM362 says:

    If you drop Law or anyone else for that matter because their “tier” dropped you are a TIER WHORE & A DICKRIDER!!!

    Little Jimmy: “Oh its not easy for me to win with Law, Lars, Bob,Bruce,Alisa or Steve anymore!? Well,who is easy to win with now? I like to use the characters that are easy to win with like the rest of the Little Jimmys.I guess I’ll wait till the internet tells me who to pick then.”


    ps: I hope they nerf the living shit out of Bob…

    I’m just saying…

    • Tekkenlover says:

      veom i dont really worry about law changes if thats gonna happen since i dont use law but aris said harada is seriously considering combo breaker which is the worst move that they can add in the game, this is not mk, one common mistake that i see with game developers when it comes to sequel is that when there are some good elements in the game, game makers try to get too creative and completely destroy those characteristics despite the fact that their intention is good adding combo breaker will completely destroy the enjoyment of juggling, they changed it from T5DR to T6BR which is juggling is not 100% guarantee when you launch your opponent into air thats why we see many people drops combos many professional players drop combos now you want add combo breaker to it fuck no you will kill this game if you do this stupid shit

  12. Tekkenlover says:

    this is what happen when sale a game for 60 bucks then put 1 or 2 dlc worth about 15 bucks there is a limit that gamer can go on , having dlc is bullshit, it’s like the sale’s man saying here is the game even though you bought it, you cant have the whole thing , and you have to wait for several months and then have to pay more to pay the whole thing.

    • VeNoM362 says:

      SF4 cost about $300+ (do the math,SF4,guide,SSF4,fight pads, sticks,all the dlc bullshit,SSF4AE…and even more dlc bullshit)

      I spent over $100 on it (SF4=$60,guide=$20,SSF4=$40) thats it for me.

      VeNoM362 ain’t cool with paying to unlock shit on a disc he already FUCKING PAID FOR!!!

      Can’t blame Capcom though, if the marks keep buying, they keep selling.

      Combo Breaks in Tekken=LAME

      I’m just saying…

  13. Klissen says:

    characters with no execution skill should be always low on tier list.

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