Tekken 6 Hwoarang Combo Video By Orochimaru & Review + Extra!

Orochimaru is back after a long break with a new Hwoarang video, he’s also released another combo act with a few fun combos! Click above to view the video and click below for the review and extra vid!

Tekken 6 Hwoarang Combo Video – “Back In Business!” Review:


1. Orochimaru decided to use Hwoarang clips from the latest Street Fighter x Tekken trailer as his intro, pretty fresh in my opinion.

2. The first combo that caught my eye was at 0:34, especially the 4,4,3 B! connection.

3. The next combo is very unique with RFF 3 hitting Raven performing SDW f,f,f flip!

4. The following combo was nice, I like little combos like that.

5. 0:57 was a great W! combo, Hwoarang has such good W! carry!

6. 1:13 was my personal favourite, it’s extremely rare to see u+3+4 as a launcher in Hwoarang combo vids!

7. The following combo was a clever collision concept, with Dragunov’s d+1 causing FC into WS+3 B!!

8. From 1:26 to 2:04, they’re all superb.

9. The combo at 2:05 was another favourite of mine, I liked the B! ender d/f+1, dash, 1,2,3,b+3.

10. 2:47 was the best collision combo in the vid in my opinion, even if the stun’s escapable!

11. 3:04 was a real strange W! to W! combo concept, with the opp on the W! but Hwoarang behind, it looks very weird!

12. The music was well fitted with the footage, although I feel the music was already been used in a combo video previously (can anyone confirm this?).

QUICK FUN FACT: During mine and Orochimaru’s time creating “The New Generation” team up video, it was him who inspired me to use Marduk in the video and in later videos (I originally gave him ideas of mine but due to time constraints I decided to do them).


1. All the collision ideas were great, but the launchers used can be escapable, it sort of nerfs the combo for me.

2. The last combo idea from Salman used in this video wasn’t that good and has been seen a lot, the video would be just as good without it.

3. Some of the combos near the end had extremely quiet audio compared to the rest of the footage, this is only minor though.

Orochimaru’s Just For Fun Combos Vol.3:

2 Responses to Tekken 6 Hwoarang Combo Video By Orochimaru & Review + Extra!

  1. Orochimaru says:

    Thanks TMD! I’ve learned something Here BTW, Yeah I forgot to edit the sound at the end of the video so that was my bad and That Salman Idea was inspirational I want to do the same but with a different Wall ender so yeah…..

  2. Dath says:

    Seriously this section of sdtekken is really stupid.

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