Tekken Tag 2 Mishima Combo Video By TMM!

That’s right guys, TMM was at the Tekken Tag 2 testing in Sweden and recorded the very first Mishima act for this game! Click above to view the video!


26 thoughts on “Tekken Tag 2 Mishima Combo Video By TMM!

  1. Just a well-made vid overall (not surprising since it’s TMM, after all).

    Very sick combos throughout, my only wish being a Jin and DJ combo, just to see how well they could synch with one another.

    What I found rather curious though is the fact that you’re still allowed to bound after moving on to a different part of the stage, unlike in T6; I wonder just how much damage scaling, if any, is applied in these cases.

  2. Not even the final product and we got a epic vid from tmm. Great work. People, this is only the beginning! Can’t wait 4 TTT2!

  3. Well if u think about it, u actually can in T6. If u bound right before hitting the glass in Fallen Colony and then finish the juggle( while breaking through the glass ) when landing u get another bound ;)

  4. 3:05-3:15. Wow. Talk about Laser Juggle Ownage. Heihachi sure can run fast getting to one place to another though. Lmao

  5. The game is still in testing…Not out on arcades just yet..a while from the console version being released.. and already seeing Amazing God-like exhibition videos! Crazy SH*T

  6. Not even the final product and TMM is already bringing it.

    This just the first of many ass kicking combo videos to surface for TTT2.

    I’m just saying…

  7. When I first saw the title of this post I was like :you have got to be kidding me. But then I realized this shit is fucking true !!. Unbelievably insane act.

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