TEKKEN Hybrid will be featuring TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Prologue! Be sure to buy it (exclusively on PlayStation 3) and check the first available build of the console version of TTT2! Also, don’t forget that apart from the demo, TEKKEN Hybrid will feature TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance and TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 1 in HD. Watch the latest trailer of this awesome pack coming later this year!


13 thoughts on “TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Prologue!

  1. Wasn’t going to get this but now very well may do just for the TTT2 prologue bit.

    Question is is that a heavily customised Devil Jin or is that the final boss?

  2. Does this mean we will have to wait 2years for the full console release. But I am happy we are getting a small taste just hope we dont have to play this for 2years.

    1. yeah at least we’re getting a prologue unlike with tekken 6 which took forever (they shouldve released tekken 6 non-BR as prologue as well).

  3. Umm I believe this will be alittle more than an ordinary demo? Have any of you ever played Gran Turismo 5 Prologue?

    1. Just because they share one word in their titles doesn’t mean that they’re anything alike. It’s due out by November and if you’re expecting a serious complete-build of TTT2 by then, you’re going to be highly disappointed. It will more than likely only feature playable Alisa and Xiaoyu, as shown in the trailer.

      1. @Nick

        I never said I was going to expect something serious, this is merely a Prologue, please read more thoroughly :\

      2. Well, they already have a arcade release in Japan (I’m guessing a non complete one), but it has most of the characters on it and it’s quite playable, since it said Prologue and not Demo, I would hope we get something similar to that arcade, or at least have quite a few characters?
        So, Tekken Hybrid will be coming out in Nov.?

  4. ttt2 prologue just bumped this to must-have. the new devil kaz looks awesome too bad he got beat up by the girls in the trailer.

  5. Its looks like this Prologue thing is just something to show off the TTT2 engine. I do not believe this is a demo (atleast not the kind of demo everyone thinks it is). It looks like you’ll just be able to use Xiaoyu and Alisa to fight the character from the Blood Vengeance movie, Shin Kamiya in his devil form.

    Just going by what was shown in the trailer…

    I’m just saying…

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