Namco Bandai has just released TEKKEN Bowling for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! You can download if for free. To do so, visit iTunes App Store right now!

Note that sound in the video shown above is desynched, unlike in the game.


4 thoughts on “TEKKEN BOWLING For iDevices! It’s FREE!

  1. Lol, that’s awesome. Hope they make an Android version though, not everyone’s an American iWhore y’know.

  2. Seriously, namco? Its good marketing strategy by creating a free game on mobile devices, but quality of the game is just crap and only damages reputation of the tekken. I would not play this game; i would not have any reason to play it competitively.

    1. No, bro. It’s not. I’ve tried it myself on 3G, starts up to the main screen, when I’m trying to access any of the three games there, it just crashes.

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