Evolution 2011 Tekken 6 Results And Videos

Another Tekken tournament at Evolution has come to an end. This year’s event was a real Bobfest. Wondering why? Check the results and videos to find out.

1. Kor (Bob)
2. NYC Fab (Bob/Miguel)
3. Rip (Law)
4. JustFrameJames (Law)
5. Crow (Bob)
5. Mr. Naps (Bryan)
7. Tokido (Bob)
7. Ryan Hart (Kazuya)


25 thoughts on “Evolution 2011 Tekken 6 Results And Videos

  1. the most boring and unexciting tekken top 8 in evo history. even markman and filthie looked bored. it was really weak in comparison to all the other top 8. I really like JFJ’s Law, but only Law and Bob in the top 4 and the resulting mirror matches gave me a real headache…
    I really missed the koreans there. maybe then we would’ve seen at least another Bryan and Steve in the top 8…

  2. Hope namco realize why the winner characters are always the same… Hoping for a better balancing for the top tiers or we will see always a lars/steve/bob in first place…

    1. This has nothing to do with balance. It has everything to do with what characters the americans favor. In Korea Bob and Law aren’t as abuse because tekken 6 is arguably the most balanced fighting game in history.

  3. VeNoM362 started watching Evo just as the Tekken 6 players were being awarded on stage. At first I was like “damn, VeNoM362 missed Tekken”. Then I heard it was more or less a Bob DICKRIDER’S wet dream so VeNoM362 would not have wasted the time to watch that lame shit anyways.

    Evo 2011

    Mortal Kombat: Good (Made me want to try out the game)

    MVC3: Fun and exciting to watch

    SSF4AE: Just seeing the Beast get beasted made it worth it

    Tekken 6:…LAME….

    Don’t hate, VeNoM362 is just being honest

    I’m just saying…

    1. yes bob is hella boring to watch that is true BUT..

      thread starter/overseer of sdtekken looking down at texas/ny bob players only creates division among states not unity.

      that boring ass US bob player KOR did send decorated holeman packing in mlg florida so gotta give credit where its due

  4. *Sigh*

    There where almost no Mishima players, and Namco now needs to make sure that this shit doesn’t happen again, it was really boring to watch. And It’s nice to see SD Tekken thriving again.

    1. bryan hart himself said in T6 it is easier to win with bob and lars rather than kazuya , but lets keep in mind that of characters influence the game to some degree but lets keep in mind that it more depends on a person who is playing, for example, last year evo nin won, he used steve…. last tekken crash, group that won non of them used bob or law, resurrection won so many tekken crash titles, non of them use bob or law….that been said i love venom362 lets be friend i am just saying ;)

  5. That’s all fine and dandy, the truth, and anyone that’s been playing Tekken a while knows this.

    At the end of the day the underlying problem for any game’s community isn’t the present–it’s the future.

    The FUTURE players, people that don’t know what happened in the top 8, the people that could fill the ranks of Tekken competions didn’t see what Tekken really is. They didn’t see highly technical matches. They didn’t see an amazing poking game. They didn’t see the best oki in the business. All of that stuff went right over their heads.

    They saw a boring assed top 8 of Bob vs Bob vs Law.

    People couldn’t get over that basic fact. If you want people to understand and appreciate your game, it’s imperative that some initial hurdles are overcome. A pretty damn obvious hurdle is not seeing Bob v Bob v Bob v Bob v Law v Law as 6 of your top 8.

    If we had Bob v Law v Steve v Lars v Bryan v Wang v Kazuya v Lei it would have been a hell of a lot easier to say “okay, this is what you’re watching …” to the newcomers.

    Hell 1 or 2 repeat characters is fine. 6/8 being repeat characters made the game look bad.

    It has nothing to do with crying. People aren’t crying. People that might have picked up the game based on the finals aren’t crying. THE FUTURE TEKKEN PLAYERS that could have been aren’t crying.

    They’re laughing.

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