Devil Jin Coming To TTT2 Prologue

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Devil Jin. Along with Kazuya, Xiaoyu and Alisa he will be available in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue coming later this year. Mishimas vs. chicks – who will we? We have to wait until Tekken Hybrid’s premiere to find out. Meanwhile visit for DJ’s CG and an in-game screen.


25 Responses to Devil Jin Coming To TTT2 Prologue

  1. Devil Jin upgraded 8\ !!
    is it a new look or … cuz he put an end to Azazel in the tekken 6 ?

    • Mundo says:

      The look is based strictly off the movie; based on what I’ve heard about it, the movie takes place before T6, so Azazel can’t be involved yet.

      Anyway, his look reminds me of Bahamut from FFX, particularly the wings. Sick design.

  2. TTT2 says:

    Tekken is getting to futuristic and anime like. Don’t get me wrong I love that sh!t but not for tekken. SCRUBS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. VeNoM362 says:

    The design seems more robotic than demonic to VeNoM362.

    I’m just saying…

  4. shiranui09 says:

    looks like its infected with T-virus… o.o ;;;

  5. raybonekilla says:


  6. Concussion says:

    I think it looks fine. I don’t see why it doesnt fit tekken to some people. I havent really heard anyone say Azazel doesnt fit tekken at all ever since it came out. Just saying.

  7. turtle says:

    is this gonna be in tekken tag tournament 2

  8. lolque says:

    i like it. better than the faggot called devil jin..and i dont know why people complain about everything omg its just a custom nothing more… in the final version of ttt2 u got the normal dvj back an maybe this custom . i also think that dvj outfit were pretty boring same cloths only different color.. so i hope this outfir will be he secondoutfit in the final version

  9. insane says:

    Don’t worry, this costume isn’t canon. This is what the devil form of Jin looks like in the Blood Vengeance movie.

  10. farhan says:

    really stupid design

  11. masoftekken says:

    lmfao omg how ugly are you kidding me? I hope this is only for Hybrid. If anything, make it look more demon like than this metal shit all over him.

    P.S. His hair LMFAOLMFAILMFAO realllllly?

  12. B-BOY JIN says:

    You commenters can’t appreciate jack-SHIT can you? I saw the same complaints about Devil’s custom when it released… fucking retards… If you hate it sooo much then why won’t you go ask Crystal Sky to make another shitty Tekken movie.

    • masoftekken says:

      Who complained about original DJ outfit? Just because they made it doesn’t mean we have to appreciate a design unless we like it. I appreciate them “trying” to please us but that doesn’t mean we have to like what they create. Why do you care? Are you personally hurt that alot of people dont like it? It shouldn’t matter to you at all… The topic is actually that he’s the 4th playable character which im extremely excited about since so far, all 4 characters are my main characters. Thats great but omg that outfit is just ugly to me. Sorry. I guess if they threw DJ in a speedo and a tie like heihachi in Lee’s T5 ending for a main costume, we would be “fucking retards” for thinking its stupid also right?

      • B-BOY JIN says:

        I consider everything Namdai has provided for me from previous till now, I don’t mean to offend or take away from anyones opinion by saying what I said but i’m not apologizing either. Whether you like it or not is on you. I’m just annoyed that people have the nerve to bash Harada for putting the effort to even give these things to us, thats all.

      • farhan says:

        even a speedo and tie would be a better idea compred to this metal ****

        this ain’t transformers.

        I think Namco just ripped off the final boss from SNK’s game world heroes 2

    • ICEYOU says:

      We appreciate the devil Kazuya redesign, but this is just terrible.

  13. Meeu says:

    i actually like parts of the design. . . the wings. . . etc, not sure about body shape and proportion . . but everything’s done pretty neatly. . .either way, you could always customize it if it’s not to your liking . . .

  14. aou says:

    not worried about the customizations im sure they will look awesome

    but hoping for better game play.

    not being able to properly sidestep in a 3d game is whats buggy.

    any sidestep attempt and you getting hit out of it <—this needs to get fixed

  15. mewnew says:

    i can’t unsee it.

    it looks like he has a a vagina on his forehead. or maybe i dont’ know what one looks like

  16. ICEYOU says:

    Lame everybody seems to fucking hate it. Devil Kazuya’s redesign is way better.

  17. Armand says:

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