TGS2011: Street Fighter X Tekken Pandora Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken! This latest trailer from Tokyo Game Show introduces a lot of new features and game mechanics that should make the game experience tons of fun! More news from Tokyo Game Show tomorrow!

13 Responses to TGS2011: Street Fighter X Tekken Pandora Trailer

  1. Rheinlander says:

    Street Fighter X Tekken continues to raise the bar for innovative game modes and online features in Fighting Games. Standards that TTT2 will probably never reach…

    • Nick says:

      That’s a memory allocation issue. Either you can have wild and crazy extra modes, or 4 tekken rendered characters on screen at the same time at 60fps. Take your pick. And what’s so innovative about SFxT that hasn’t been done in either TTT or MvC?

  2. Mishima1 says:

    Don’t be so negative. ;) namco could take some notes about capcom improvements and took it into console version of ttt2! ;)

  3. friedricewithtekken says:

    oh yeah i hope they also do it on tekkentag 2

  4. Tekkenlover says:

    2 vs 2 is a great idea capcom has good online connection when it comes to multiplayer but what i am worried about is that they gonna release several dlc characters and after people buy the dlc several months later they come up with ultra tekken vs capcom and totally redesign the system and people have to learn everything again and pay 40 $ more for the new disc, they did it with street fighter4 , and marvel vs capcom3…., marvel vs capcom2 lasted ten years, but marvel vs capcom 3 didnt even last 9 months before the new version comes out, this dlc is just ridiculous, whether fighting shooting, action adventure, it’s every where

    • Nick says:

      Anyone who hasn’t learned in the last 20 years that anything with Street Fighter in it will be released three times with varying amounts of differences is new to the table.

      How many versions of Street Fighter 2 can YOU name? How many of SF3? SF4?

      Expect this sort of behaviour from Capcom and you won’t get burned.

  5. Tekkenlover says:

    true you are 100% right bout street fighter history, but not at this magnitude as a whole,not with other titles of capcom or the games from other companies for that matter … and usually sequel would come out at very timely manner … and they do to this day but i missed the time when i went to a store and bought a game , and that was it and i didn’t have to pay anymore extra money to unlock new mission, characters and what not… trust me it’s just not my opinion , the majority of gaming community feel ripped off especially after they announced UMVC3…lol i used hate the arcade for delaying the release of tekken games to console but now i am in favor of it 100% and i bitch about arcade on here for a long time but the experience is the greatest lesson one can ever learn, by the end of the day they are just corporation and they dont take it easy on these people eventhough these gamers are the same people who took them and made them what they are now

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, it was a low move with UMvC but were you as surprised by it as you would have been if it had been anyone else pulling this kind of a hustle?

      Given the track rate, I’m gonna assume that we won’t even see a console release of TTT2 until it’s gone through at least two arcade iterations.

      DLC is the best way for developers to combat resale where they don’t see any returns on a used game. If they can’t get your $30-$60 for the game itself, they can at least recoup $15 for various DLC because you can’t sell that to GameStop. Within ten years you won’t probably even have a physical media to resell – the whole industry will be download-only. You can rail against value-added DLC but it will most defintely be the way things are going.

  6. madnis says:

    anyone ever watched this movie called the cube? anyone else get reminded of that movie while watching this video?

  7. dayday says:

    bryan and asuka any minute now

  8. Nick says:


    Didn’t see any stories about it here yet, but you can check out the Tekken Facebook for another official trailer for TTT2, focusing on the Tag Assault and Team Throw mechanics. Cool shit in there!

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