Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Final Stages

Watch footage of the two Final Stages from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Does the planet Namek from the Dragon Ball series come to your mind when you’re watching the video above? Check the rest of the entry for the dark version of the Final Stage.

8 Responses to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Final Stages

  1. Nick says:

    I saw a double rainbow in there. All the way.

  2. shiranui09 says:

    the 1st stage BGM is kinda creepy to me… idk why o.O”’

  3. Mishima1 says:

    I like the both of them… Even if it would be cool to have the old Jun bgm of tekken 2 “morning fields”

  4. Eddierang says:

    I love the background music of the dark version of the final stage. Something tells me I’m going to picking that stage alot once I get a chance to play TTT2.

  5. cappoccino says:

    devil and angel stage?

  6. Goku says:

    Game is looking great, why is the first video non HD and the second one full HD?

    Oh and that does not look like Namek or remind me of Namek. The second stage reminds me of Otogi final stage :)

  7. Eddierang says:

    So when is the international version of TTT2 coming out?

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